Welcome to GFN!

Geek Force Network is a collection of great writers, podcasters and video producers who gravitate toward all things geek. The idea for the name was started among a group of bloggers through Twitter, and eventually it snowballed into this.

GFN updates seven days a week. Most programs and blog posts will appear on a regularly scheduled day each week, so you can check back and find content from all your favorites or just explore the site and see what’s new.

(And no, your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you — that background image in the header is totally changing. Try to collect them all!)

For more information on the schedule and the players involved, check out this handy dandy chart below:

Sunday: LadyCroft3  |  C. T. Murphy
MondayPhoenixDown  |  GIMMGP  |  Idiot Gamer
Tuesday: Wrong Button  |  simpleek
Wednesday: From Cassettes  |  Incoductic  |  CheeeseToastie
Thursday: At the Buzzer  |  The Chindividual
Friday: Cary
Saturday: Robo♥beat

And remember, at Geek Force Network, it’s all geek to me.

18 thoughts on “About”

  1. Just wanted to say thanks for stopping by at GFN and stay tuned for a ridiculous amount of content going forward!

    -Chris, webmaster of Geek Force Network

  2. Too much excitement for words!! But there…wait…I just typed some words, so maybe I’m not excited enough? Now I’m confused. (Yet still very EXCITED!)

    1. I’m on board with this idea! Can’t rule the world without shiny and sparkly crowns. Oh, and we have to have thrones too. That would be awesome.

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