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Hi! I'm Sam and I'm in publisher relations/business development for a UK games studio called Climax (we made 2 of the Silent Hill games). As I don't have much of a life, I also like to write about games and record gameplay videos in my free time. Check it out! For more info, see my About Me page.

Announcement and Surgeon Simulator Part 2

This week I have an important announcement to make about the future of the channel. Also, Grumbl3dook has fat fingers.

Antichamber Special: The cat called Schrodinger

Well we had a good run, but the best thing about Antichamber is that it has given us tantalizing hints to a deep and thoroughly developed story. Tonight, we finally put those pieces together!

Sam and Sam Play Antichamber Part 38 and 39

I get the feeling that this puzzle is supposed to be fun, but that laughter you hear is just our frantic insanity finally breaking us down into gibbering maniacs…

Turns out we have to chase that damn black slinky from the very beginning again, but this time we’re swifter faster and more determined. At the end, we’re left with something that looks very much like a final puzzle…