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Episode 25 – Beardy Bought A Flower!

This week, Liam talks about nearly burning everything he owns to the ground, having to quantify your hobbies with and Goodreads, beards and aromatherapy, PLUS A NEW TOP FIVE LIST WHICH INCLUDES ST. VINCENT, THE CURE AND MORE!




Episode 24 – On Losing Him Behind The Couch

This week, From Cassettes experiments with formatting with Denise! In the first half of this week’s show, we discuss the semantic differences between debating systems, law and philosophy, phenomenology and love and rebuilding dinosaurs! And, in the second half of this week’s show, the guys talk about Israel, misusing words really badly, the trials and tribulations of Mother’s Day, being able to resist and the problems of sexism in comedy!

Please note, the second half of this show is slightly NSFW for some slight offensive language and possibly offensive jokes, but the first half is most certainly safe for your listening at work. We apologise if any offence is caused by this. (…okay, not really.)