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More Tournaments!

Greetings GFN!

So this week’s post is mainly an update on what’s to come! Big things are on the way as promised – and here’s a sample of what’s on the way:

More tournaments: jDL Season 1 is winding to a close but there’s plenty more on the menu – we’re sniffing around a bunch of other tournaments from NADota’s secs/tecs to the AD2L.

More WAVE Stuff: Season two of KOTH is drawing to a close, but season 3 will kick off soon, and we’ve got plans for a more regular tournament starting soon as well!

Wave Gaming: jDL season 2 marks the rebranding of Ra’II into Wave.Int, and we should also see the Wave.USA team enter the frame. Its on guys…

But of course, I’m here as a vid guy so here’s the best match from the last week!:

Tournaments Everywhere!

Hey GFN!

Who here can say that the last week has been crazy exciting? I can. other than team captain davidy being hit by a car and having his computer break (he’s fine and we’re tentatively viewing these as unrelated incidents) we’ve suddenly gained a foothold in the casting underground. I’m expecting big things from my little circle of Wave casters in the next few weeks, and for this week’s GFN I’ll bring you one match from each of the tournaments we’ve covered this week:

Little Ripples into Big Waves

So last week so the launch of season two of the King-Of-The-Hill tournament we’ve been running – great stuff, more epic clashes and a hundred slight improvements we’re itching to implement for season 3. That’s still 8 games of though so no massive KOTH news (although you can catch up with the action here).

More importantly, I’d like to announce some wholescale restructuring. From here on out, Ra’II is being disbanded, it’s members joining the Wave group to become the new Wave.Int team!

This is a fantastic opportunity for us, and for me personally as the Wave isn’t only a players organization – its for casters/commentators/coaches/tournament admins and newbies too! If you’ve got a Dota itch or you think you might be suffering from the early symptoms, feel free to get in touch with us regardless of skill level by leaving a comment expressing your interest below., and we’ll hook you up.

Of course, I’m on this site as a video contributor. Things have been progressing wonderfully rthere as well, as I’ve taken full advantage of the jDL and have a host of pro games in the playlist below (as well as some other fun stuff) featuring the likes of Fnatic, Liquid, Titan and Scythe. Enjoy Amigos!

What jDL Means to Me…. plus EG v WWD!

Anyone whose been a-lurking on my blog will know that my Ra’II team has been competing in the joinDota League (jDL) – probably the largest open-access tournament in eSports, with hundreds of teams of every skill level. It’s an amazing opportunity and while we are far from the top of our bracket, every win is a celebration and every loss is a lesson learned.

The amazing thing about the tournament is that it isn’t just newly formed teams like us – there are big names up in the 1st division such as Alliance, Fnatic, RoxKis and more. What I only recently discovered, however, is the amazing opportunity this tournament offer to budding commentators like myself.

I honestly can’t believe I’m saying this… I thought it would be years before I could make this kind of announcement…

Ladies and Gentlemen your attention please. This week I bring you matches fought between top ranked teams featuring internationally renowned players: EVIL GENIUSES v WILD WITCH DOCTORS, cast by myself and davidy!

While I can’t be sure of future dates, I’m going to get the chance to cast even more of the amazing teams in the tournament in future weeks. To be in on the action, follow me on twitter and twitch to ensure you get those regular updates!

Speaking of davidy, there are big big plans on the horizon involving his team, The Wave…

But I’ll save that for next week 😛