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A podcast host for The Nerdy Directive Media Group. My podcasts also appear on Geek Force Network. Comic book geek extraordinaire and tabletop and video gaming aficionado.

Quest Update! Episode 11 – Batman in Bludhaven

Episode 11 was recorded on Saturday, March 22, 2014.
Topics: The death of Idiot Gamer, Walmart is getting into the used game business, we revisit The Nerdy Directive’s black hole diet pill pyramid scheme, classic game controllers for your PC, Gauntlet gets a remake, and GoldenEye 64 online multiplayer is a thing that you can actually do, instructions are here.

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Thanks for listening, and we will see you on the next Quest Update!″

Quest Update! Episode 10 – Free to Win

Topics for this episode – More stories from Crusader Kings II, why Pay to Win models suck, a man gets stabbed with the Master Sword, the Batman game we talked about last episode was NOT a rumour, and your Steam library can now be shared. The server address for the public Starbound server Trevor and Cory were on is, no username or password required. Stream it here or click here to download and put on your iThing to listen whenever you want.″

Brodie Plays Brutal DOOM | Part 2 – No More Choppy!

I keep going with the awesomeness of Brutal DOOM, and this one’s not choppy! Well, until the end… If you like this video, please help me out by clicking the Like, Subscribe, and Share buttons, and feel free to leave your comments!!

Quest Update! Episode 9 – Rumours Everywhere!

Topics for this episode: Why you should always pay attention while gaming, Dark Souls II gets a rumoured release date, a new Batman Arkham title is allegedly leaked, why Bronies suck, and we take a brief moment to acknowledge the awesomeness of the late Harold Ramis.
You can stream the show right here or click here to download and put on your MP3 player for convenience.″

Quest Update! Episode 7 – Glow-in-the-Dark Giggity

We brought in LadyCroft3 and JColliam from our writing team to temporarily replace Cory and Mallrat, who have these weird things called lives. We begin as usual with our week in gaming, and then topics range from a brief discussion on Cradle and CryEngine 3 to glow-in-the-dark condoms. Yep. We talked about condoms. But there was a good reason!

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