Quest Update: Once a week, four wee laddies get together quest-update-logoover Skype, and for the next hour or so, they curse and talk about video games, Star Wars, Godzilla, giant robots and whatever they find funny. It’s a show about gaming, by gamers for gamers who remember a time when people played games because they liked to play games and didn’t care what platform you played your game on. A time when IGN didn’t exist, a time when you couldn’t look up the solutions on the internet, when graphics didn’t matter and autosave was completely unheard of!



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Battlespire Radio: Battlespire Radio is the brain child of two podcasters who love all things Elder Scrolls. Hosted by Brodie and Trevor from the Quest Update! podcast, we aim to make your ESO experience even better by offering weekly tips & tricks, patch notes, the best add-ons,and more. Our website is currently under construction but you can find all of our episodes here.”

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