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By Way of Introduction

I used to want to be a novelist.

It’s true. I’ve enjoyed writing since I was young; and I’ve been told over the years that I’m pretty good at it. While creative writing was by far my favorite in school, I also enjoyed writing essays and term papers.  The notion of writing for a living came to a head when I was in the 10th grade. In our English class, we had to write a fictional story in groups on any subject we so desired.  My group of four titled our novella, I kid you not,” He-Man, Woman Hater.” It was ridiculous and ridiculously fun to write. We got an “A.”

In that same class, we were required to keep a daily journal. At the start of each class, we were given 10-15 minutes to write in the journals, and the teacher would collect them and “grade” the entries. In my journal, I wrote stories; each day adding a new paragraph to whatever story I had invented. I remember one story about a nightmare. And another about a medieval princess transported to modern Los Angles. I was big into sci-fi/horror/fantasy novels, TV, and movies at the time, which helped influence my imagination. My teacher liked the crazy stories and encouraged me to continue. I was never docked points for not keeping a true “diary.”

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