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This ancient Chinese instrument can mimic the Super Mario Bros. score

Several video game-loving musicians have showcased their musical talents by playing through the Super Mario Bros. theme. This Chinese instrument, however, almost perfectly mimics the popular theme song. Continue reading This ancient Chinese instrument can mimic the Super Mario Bros. score

Music is your weapon in Harmonix’s new FPS


Chroma, Harmonix’s new first-person-shooter, forces you to rely on the music and the rhythm of the game in order to successfully play. Imagine picking a class, hopping into a map, and shooting enemy players in time with the beat of the song in the background, or the only way you can chase your opponent is by timing your movement to the rhythm. Music is the key element that progresses the gameplay.  Continue reading Music is your weapon in Harmonix’s new FPS

Biofeedback Horror Game Monitors How Scared You Become


Nevermind, a horror game currently trying to reach its goal on Kickstarter, is the first horror game that uses biofeedback to monitor just how scared the player becomes while playing. The more frightened the player becomes, the more difficult the game becomes, in turn, helping the player to manage their anxiety. Continue reading Biofeedback Horror Game Monitors How Scared You Become

New South Park: The Stick of Truth Trailers Appear


South Park: The Stick of Truth, slated for a March 4th release for PC, Xbox 360, and PS3, had one trailer reveal during the Super Bowl game yesterday, while two more “rejected” trailers were posted on the game’s official website. While nothing too specific is revealed about the game’s content on the reveal, it gives fans a very nice taste of what is to be expected after the game has been pelted with numerous delays.  Continue reading New South Park: The Stick of Truth Trailers Appear

Mass Effect Fan Writes 400-Page Blueprint to Fix Mass Effect 3


Mass Effect 3, one of my favorite games of all time, has officially been alive for about two years. While I, too, was a bit discouraged by the ending, it wasn’t something that made me want to riot and burn down BioWare’s offices. What is interesting, however, is the amount of emotion that still lingers over the controversial ending. Internet petitions and other forms of outrage have existed for a long time now, but one fan has used his own creativity to “fix” Mass Effect 3’s ending.

Gerry Pugliese has written a 400-page “fan revision, and blueprint, for fixing Mass Effect 3.” The script, called Mass Effect 3: Vindication, is full of new dialogue and missions in book form (which makes me happy because I LOVE READING). There are tons of new scenes, revisions, and choices that involve big plot points, character relationships, and the ending.

Pugliese stated, “The endings are a third of ME3V and I’ve created more than ten new ending scenarios, including having Shepard and friends survive, and going on to live happy lives; or Shepard succumbing to the Reapers’ power, turning evil, and enslaving the Galaxy, and turning many other major characters into Reaper minions to serve at his/her side.”

And while he did this to change a video game that he loves, his mission isn’t just to “fix” the game. He’s looking to work in the video game industry. While I haven’t read the script yet (I’m determined to), the ambition demonstrated is pretty amazing, and I hope his creativity certainly leads to a career in the industry some time in the future.

If you’re interested in reading the 400-page script, you can find the direct download here. Or you can check out some of it at the link below:



Alienware Announces New Steam Machine


New Steam Machines are beginning to pop up, especially as CES continues to introduce new technology to empty our bank accounts. Now, Alienware has revealed their own Steam Machine which is being called as “one of the platform’s flagship devices, not only due to the scale at which it will be produced, but its blend of performance and form factor.” Alienware’s Steam Machine enters the competition with a build that is smaller than both the PS4 and Xbox One, holding a 8″ by 8″ design and standing at only 3″ tall. The front features two USB 3.0 ports, and the back will contain an ethernet jack and an optical audio connector. In addition, the box will have both and HDMI input and output.


While not much information has been released about the technology powering the device, it has been confirmed that it will use an intel-based CPU and Nvidia GPU. Performance-wise, it’s said that Alienware’s Steam Machine surpasses both the PS4 and Xbox One in power, targeting native resolutions of 1080p. No price has been slated for the device which plans on a later 2014 release. With companies planning on creating their own Steam Machines, how will they manage to compete against well-known consoles such as the PS4 and Xbox One?

A higher emphasis has been placed upon the Steam controller which attempts to blend the qualities of the computer mouse and traditional console controller functions. However, it was revealed that these controllers would be sold separately while other companies manufacture their own.