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My Favorite E3 2014 Trailers

An awful lot of awesome, kickass trailers were shown at this year’s E3 event. So many in fact that I couldn’t put them all in one article so I chose to share only my favorites with you folks. These trailers come from all corners of the E3 event and they showcase some of my most anticipated games of the future.

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My Pre-E3 Wants and Expectations

We all know that this week marks the start of E3 2014 which means all kinds of news, reveals, press conferences and general video game excitement. As is typical at this point in time all we have to go on is rumors and personal expectations – no factual, concrete knowledge. It’s hard not knowing what we will see, will it be as glorious as we hoped or will it be a big fat disappointment? Only time can tell but until we see the real deal I’d like to share some of my base expectations and what I want to see from this year’s E3 event as well as learn about what you folks are looking forward to.  Continue reading My Pre-E3 Wants and Expectations

A Week in Gaming – Being Among All The Things

This week was a pretty good week for gaming. A few games came out and for me there is still some run off from unfinished games from the recent past, so there was a lot to play. I of course played the newest AAA title from Ubisoft this week, Watch_Dogs, but I wanted to talk more about the smaller titles I was able to acquire this week. One of which was The Wolf Among Us as episode 4 came out this past Tuesday. The other game is an even smaller indie horror title called Among The Sleep. So in this post I will yet again give you all the scoop about my week in gaming, enjoy! Continue reading A Week in Gaming – Being Among All The Things

A Week in Gaming: Bringing Down the Nazis and a Side of Feels

This week I realized how overwhelmed I am with games. I am still playing through Bound By Flame, which I discussed last week, but now I have added Wolfenstein: The New Order, The Walking Dead (S.2/E.3), Puppeteer, and the still unfinished Daylight on to my list. It doesn’t help that one of the biggest game releases of the year is taking place next week (Watch_Dogs) and I am still not even half way through most of these games. Oh, the woes of a gamer. Anyhow, this week I’m going to be talking about my adventures in Wolfenstein: The New Order and The Walking Dead (S.2/E.3). I’ve been doing some Nazi killing but I’ve also been on an emotional roller coaster. It’s been a wild week in gaming. Continue reading A Week in Gaming: Bringing Down the Nazis and a Side of Feels

A Week in Gaming – Bound by Flame

This week I immersed myself in the world of Bound by Flame, which happens to be the first full length game that I purchased digitally on console. This makes it kind of special to me for some weird reason. I have downloaded full length games before that were free, but never before have I purchased a brand new game digitally. It’s a pretty fun game too, one full of crazy monsters, humorously cheesy dialog and demons. Oh, and we can’t forget the fire magic part – that’s kind of a big deal. Continue reading A Week in Gaming – Bound by Flame