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A Week In Gaming – Resident Evil: Revelations and The Xbox One


Hello friends, and welcome to another post about my week in gaming. This week I will be discussing my newest game, a game just released this past week on May 21, Resident Evil: Revelations. Another event that took place on May 21 was the Xbox One reveal, and I plan to also give you all a little insight to my opinion on the overall announcement. So get ready to take look into my most recent week in the video game world.

Resident Evil: Revelations is not necessarily a new game, even though it was just released on console (PS3 and Xbox 360) and PC this past week. The game was originally released for the Nintendo 3DS early last year and was just recently ported to other, more substantial, platforms. I must say that for a port from a handheld console, this game looks and feels amazing. The graphics are really crisp and fresh and the gameplay is very smooth, it feels like it was never a port at all. This title was meant to take players back to an earlier time in the Resident Evil franchise when survival horror was key and gameplay was less action based. It does not fail in that aspect, the game does play a lot like early Resident Evil games. Be prepared for cheesy lines, overly dramatic reactions, and possibly even a Jill sandwich.


I really enjoy being able to play as multiple characters in this game. The main characters are Chris and Jill, who are notable characters in the series, but Revelations also introduces a couple of new characters that help out throughout the game. The game is always played in twos, so you’re never really alone but since it cannot not be played cooperatively with another player, you are technically alone from a human/AI standpoint. Basically it’s single player only, except for the Raid mode which I believe can be played with other humans. I can’t complain though, since I would probably have played it alone regardless. I’m only on the 5th episode right now, but so far this game is a lot of fun to play. It’s entertaining and challenging in all the right places. I’d say that buying it was definitely money well spent.

This week also marked a momentous occasion in gaming history – the next generation Microsoft console was announced. The Xbox One was revealed on May 21, and sadly fell flat in the minds of many gamers around the world. The reveal was interesting to say the least, I found it strange and in a way pointless from a gaming perspective, here’s why:

Microsoft centered the reveal around the fact that the Xbox One will be an “all-in-one” console and focused on the fact that people can multitask with it, so you can watch TV while surfing the internet or watch your favorite sports team play while updating your fantasy league stats. The weird part was that gaming in general was hardly brought up, other than to show off a couple of “new” games. The games that were shown were sports games that release annually (FIFA, Madden, NBA Live, etc.) and a new Forza game as well as Call of Duty: Ghosts (which is a multiplatform game). One new IP exclusive was brought up, a game by Remedy called “Quantum Break”. They didn’t say much about this game, compared to how long EA talked about their sports games that few were interested in, and showed a very cryptic teaser which I suppose was meant to leave viewers wanting more but ending up leaving me confused. Seeing as this is a gaming console, or at least we all thought it would be, it was odd to not focus on hardware or games but instead show television capabilities then say “see you at E3!”


The aftermath of the announcement was an increase in Sony’s stock, previous Xbox fans trading in their 360’s for PS3’s, and a general blanket of disappointment falling over the gaming community. There are still some die-hard fans and optimistic people out there who are willing to wait until this years E3 convention before making a decision, but honestly for people like me E3 is too little too late. It’s not that I don’t want to see these “15 console exclusives” that Microsoft has promised, but I just have this overwhelming feeling that most of them will either be Kinect titles or uninteresting in general. I have an Xbox 360 now, but I do not have a Kinect and I do not want one. The fact that this new console will be mostly run with the Kinect is unsettling to me, I don’t want to talk to my console and have to use voice commands to do stuff with it. I also don’t watch TV other than a couple of shows on Netflix and The Walking Dead, so that whole television focus didn’t work on me. There is also a lot of strong evidence that the “always on” rumor is true and Microsoft has made some strange statements regarding the fee for playing used games. Basically, it worries me as a consumer that Microsoft wont come out and either put this rumors to rest or say they are true, they just keep giving these ambiguous statements and making the confusion worse. Maybe I’m being too negative, but seeing as Microsoft’s marketing strategy is aimed at a general “living room” audience and sports fans and not gamers, I don’t have much hope.

Anyway, here’s hoping for a new outlook upon the arrival of E3. What do you all feel about this announcement? Are you hopeful or doubtful? Which next-gen console will you be picking up, if any? I’ll leave you will those questions and see you next week for some insights on my next game purchase: Fuse. See you all next week!



A Week In Gaming – Sleeping Dogs and Dragon Age: Origins


Hello again everyone, and welcome to another “A Week In Gaming” post! This week I will talk all about my adventures in Sleeping Dogs, the newest game in my collection. I will also tell you all about my re-adventures (so to speak) in Dragon Age: Origins. So sit down, get comfortable, and prepare to take a look into my week in gaming.

Sleeping Dogs


Sleeping Dogs was added to the PlayStation Plus free game list this week, so naturally I downloaded it. It came as a bundle pack with all the DLC’s, which would regularly cost $59.99 but is now free to PlayStation Plus subscribers which pays for the subscription in itself. I had never purchased or played this game before due to the fact that I wasn’t really sure if I’d even like it, to be honest. Since it’s a lot like the Grand Theft Auto games in a very basic way and I didn’t care for those games, I figured I wouldn’t like this one. It came as quite a surprise to me when I couldn’t put the controller down, I found the game to be totally enticing and I even craved playing it when I wasn’t at home.

I think part of this, in comparison to my dislike of Grand Theft Auto, is because the main character is an undercover cop. I am going into law enforcement and found this aspect to be particularly interesting. I just don’t care to play the typical gangster/thug/criminal character, which is why the GTA series didn’t appeal to me other than for just driving around and causing trouble. I feel like the main character, Wei Shen, is very relatable and personable and I can understand his struggles. Throughout the game he is constantly in fear of either breaking his cover and being killed by the gang he is infiltrating or turning his back on the police he works for and becoming a part of the gang. It’s a constant struggle and it build character, in my opinion.

On top of all that, the gameplay is ridiculously fun. Kung Fu style combat takes place all the time, it’s not all guns and weapons, most of the fighting sequences occur fist-to-fist. Guns and other weapons are also involved, but I find the hand-to-hand combat to be much more enjoyable and interactive. It’s a lot of fun to play a game that embodies a lot of cool mechanics, such as fun driving and combat as well as an interesting story and characters.

Dragon Age: Origins


Dragon Age seems to be a really popular series, yet for some reason I can never seem to get into it. I bought the Dragon Age: Origins bundle pack a couple of years ago and have yet to get more than 3 or so hours into it before I give up. It’s weird, mentally I want to play it but I can’t physically get over the slow-paced combat style. For some people that combat style is the best but I am picky with RPG’s and prefer action RPG’s like Mass Effect 3 to the straight up RPG style of Dragon Age. We all know that RPG doesn’t just describe the interactive play-style but it also describes the general gameplay. I’ve always been very hit and miss with RPGs, for instance I love the Elder Scrolls series but can’t seem to get into the Fallout series, which is very contradictory to my previous statement regarding action RPG vs. standard RPG. I know, I’m weird.

I’ve been told that the combat in the second game is a little better, but that the game itself isn’t as good as the first. I really want to finish the first one and move on to the second one, especially since Dragon Age 3 has been announced. Anyway, I restarted Dragon Age: Origins with a new character and am officially giving it another shot in between all the other games I need to play. I’m sure sometime in the near future I’ll bring this game up again for another week in gaming post.

That’s it for this week. Next week I should be discussing Resident Evil Revelations as well as whatever else I can get my hands on. Until next week, game on!


A Week In Gaming – Dead Island Riptide and Mass Effect


Hello, I’m LadyCroft3 and this is my first piece here on the Geek Force Network. I’d like to introduce my shtick a little bit, so here it goes. I plan on doing a weekly write-up about my gaming exploits that took place over the previous week. This includes new games, old games, games I have been live streaming, and everything in between. I’ll discuss my thoughts on certain things as well as cover new features and DLC’s. Basically, it’s a mash-up of my hectic weeks in gaming!

What I Have Been Playing:

This week I have been trying to catch up on Dead Island Riptide. I am on chapter 9 and have gotten my character, Purna, to level 55. Riptide features a skill tree that can be updated multiple times, which I didn’t realize for a while. I thought that each skill could only be upgraded once in the initial unlocking of the skill, but apparently there are certain skills that have up to 3 separate levels to be unlocked. I had unlocked everything once at about level 45 and for almost 10 levels I held on to my skill points wondering why the heck they made a skill tree that maxes out at level 45 when the level cap is 70. Needless to say, I’m happy that I can continue to upgrade my stuff, though I feel a little embarrassed that I forgot about this feature since it was used in Dead Island, which I played.


I’ve also been playing a lot of Gears of War: Judgment this week. My boyfriend Fysh and I have played all the Gears of War games together through the co-op mode, and this week we finally finished the campaign of Judgment. We also finished up the secondary campaign in Judgment that takes place during Gears of War 3 called Aftermath. The game was good, but I felt like it was a bit weak compared to past games in the series, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. We have also been playing a lot of Judgment’s multiplayer since it has been updated to allow two standard guns upon spawning. For some reason, they thought it was a good idea to only allow people to have one weapon upon spawning, so only a Gnasher or only a Lancer as opposed to both. Anyway, I’m glad that was fixed up. Now players choose a main weapon as well as have a Gnasher permanently equipped. It makes the gameplay way more diverse since there are quite a few new guns to choose from as starter weapons.

What I Have Been Streaming:

In case you weren’t aware, I stream gameplay regularly over on This week I started off by wrapping up Dishonored’s Knife of Dunwall DLC. If you have played Dishonored and are looking for a fun DLC to play, I suggest you get Knife of Dunwall. It elaborates on the story of Daud, the man responsible for the assassination of the Empress at the very beginning of the main game campaign. Daud has new powers and different outlook than Corvo, Dishonored’s main character. It was a lot of fun to play, even though it was only about 2 hours in length. I do wish it was a bit longer since in some ways it felt forced, rushing the story along and so on.


As per usual, once I finished the Knife of Dunwall DLC I asked my viewers to vote on what I game I would be streaming next. Out of about 6 games to choose from, the majority vote went to Mass Effect. This choice was an awesome one since the Mass Effect series is my favorite game series’ of all time. It’s been a pleasure to stream it so far, as of Thursday I had just been granted Spectre status after finding a friendly Quarian, a hardcore Krogan, and an amazing Turian to add to my little mismatched crew.

I also do multiplayer stream events in which my viewers can join in the fun and play a multiplayer game with me. In keeping with the Mass Effect theme, Mass Effect 3’s multiplayer was chosen. I ended up playing with a small group of viewers, including someone new to the stream. It ended up being tons of fun and while I planned to only play for about an hour and a half, I ended up playing for two and a half hours. I’ve always really enjoyed the multiplayer portion of Mass Effect 3, even though it wasn’t entirely necessary to the game as a whole, it is very entertaining. Plus with all the new additions to it like challenges, extended ranks, and characters it’s a hoot to try to get everything done.

That’s it for this week’s round-up, see you all again next week for another week in gaming!