There is an old picture in a scrapbook at my parents’ house.  I am five years old in this photograph, wearing a Super Mario Brothers t-shirt and matching underoos, scarfing down Nintendo Cereal System while my younger brother plays Legend of Zelda in the background.  Fast forward to today, where that picture is pretty much the same, except my wife now plays in the background and I am a little bit taller.

As a kid who grew up around video games, I have come to appreciate the special moments that can only be experienced holding a controller with loved ones at your side.  My life passions may extend to food, drink, travel, and writing, but all of these somehow connect back to the ever-flowing fountain that is electronic gaming.  My wife and I share these mutual experiences at our blog, Games I Made My Girlfriend Play, while I expound upon video games and the state of the industry at United We Game.  Check them out sometime, if you can catch a break between play.


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