Join GFN

Geek Force Network is opening its doors to new applicants!

We started GFN with a select group of talented individuals with a shared purpose — grouping together great content under a geeky umbrella. So far we have managed to stick to a consistent schedule and churned out a surprising amount of content in the last three months.

But we have our eyes set on bigger and better things, which is where you come in.

When GFN first launched, quite a few people expressed an interest in joining. At that time, our primary focus was on finishing the website and getting everyone used to the transition. Now that the training wheels are off, however, it’s time to grow even further.

If you’re interested in joining Geek Force Network, send us an email or a message on Twitter or Facebook (contact info can be found here) and let us know! It would be most helpful if you include a link to an example of the content that you produce, be it videos, blog posts, podcast episodes, a website you run, etc. The more you can tell us about yourself and why you’re interested, the more we’ll think you’re super cool and let you in the doors.

If you have questions about the site or its affiliates, you can send them to the same place listed above. We’ll be happy to explain things further.

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