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We are pleased to reintroduce our weekly feature that has been running on our blog for almost 2 amazing months now! On a Geekly Basis features pictures, videos, podcasts and interviews with our favorite geeks and geeky things every week. Being a geek or a nerd means being apart of a very large community of awesome people and we want to introduce you to some of them!

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Here’s what we look for:

Do you consider yourself a geek/nerd? Are you a Dungeon Master, gamer, cosplayer, have a geeky podcast, blog, or an extensive action figure collection? Are you a comic book writer/artist or storeowner? Do you make geektastic films or viral videos? Are you into geeky crafts or creations? We want to hear from you for a weekly feature on our blog!

Please email wrongbuttonblog@gmail.com for more information on how to submit yourself or someone you know.

No one is too big or too small (as long as we can get in contact with them!).
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Sam and Sam’s Tekkit Ender Quest Part 26

Join Sam and Sam, the terribly dysfunctional duo as they traverse the Minecraft landscape on their quest to the End. What is the End? Where is the End? How do they get there? They have no idea, but they at least have tons of confidence so that should at least count for something. Sam and Sam’s Tekkit Ender Quest is about 10% educational and 90% fighting, mischief and getting in each other’s way, so if you want to have front side seats to watching me (CheeeseToastie) annoy other Sam (Grumbl3dook) to a head full of grey hairs, I’d suggest you dive right in! You’d think after 26 episodes we’d have made ridiculous amounts of progress, but alas the paranoia, revenge attacks and schemes and our many shenanigans mean it was not to be so. Basically, don’t worry, you haven’t missed too much if you’re just joining us now.

In this episode we get working on our wondrous semi-automated wheat farm! Also, Grumbl3dook and I compare hoes and he discovers why cliff-farming isn’t a thing.

Check out my bio page for more info on this strange CheeeseToastie character.

By Way of Introduction


I used to want to be a novelist.

It’s true. I’ve enjoyed writing since I was young; and I’ve been told over the years that I’m pretty good at it. While creative writing was by far my favorite in school, I also enjoyed writing essays and term papers.  The notion of writing for a living came to a head when I was in the 10th grade. In our English class, we had to write a fictional story in groups on any subject we so desired.  My group of four titled our novella, I kid you not,” He-Man, Woman Hater.” It was ridiculous and ridiculously fun to write. We got an “A.”

In that same class, we were required to keep a daily journal. At the start of each class, we were given 10-15 minutes to write in the journals, and the teacher would collect them and “grade” the entries. In my journal, I wrote stories; each day adding a new paragraph to whatever story I had invented. I remember one story about a nightmare. And another about a medieval princess transported to modern Los Angles. I was big into sci-fi/horror/fantasy novels, TV, and movies at the time, which helped influence my imagination. My teacher liked the crazy stories and encouraged me to continue. I was never docked points for not keeping a true “diary.”

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Game On: Mario Galaxy 2 (Part 9)


Are we going to be able to find all 242 stars? I don’t know…the future is cloudy! *rimshot*

It’s time for Part 9 of Super Mario Galaxy 2. Chris and Shaun are taking on the entire game in this playthrough. That’s right — all the way through every green star. Have a game you want to see us suffer through play next? Let us know in the comments or by sending us an email, or find out more about us on our bio page.

It’s time to make space in Mario’s heart for a new lover. Game on.

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