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My Favorite Summer Drinks

Happy 4th of July! (Or simply Happy Friday!) I’m surprised to see you round these parts. With so much holiday-ness going on today, I figured you’d be out eating burgers, preparing for fireworks, or finding the best spot on a crowded beach. But at least you’re not drunk…yet. I mean, what’s July 4th without a sip or seven of a refreshing tipsy beverage? Just a little something special to celebrate the fact that you have three days off and because we all know that you’re going to phone in the rest of the summer at work. After all, it’s summer.  And though summertime might call out for freezers of swill beer and malt liquor, for me, the road gently paved with hard liquor is the more suitable one. Though my chaotic days of lushness are well in the past, sometimes there’s nothing better than a nip of something bittersweet at the end (or in the middle) of a hot, summer day. It’s time to put away mugs of coffee and kahlua, heavy shots of bourbon, and the snifters of brandy, and seek out gentler drinks that quench as well as sooth the heated soul. It’s with that in mind that I present to you five of my favorite summer drinks (in no particular order, thought highly subjective opinions follow).

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Episode 39 – The Despotism Of Tone Abet

[audio http://traffic.libsyn.com/fromcassettes/Episode_39_-_The_Despotism_of_Tone_Abet.mp3]

This week, card carrying member of the Australian Labor Party Leo comes on to discuss the Australian election, Senators throwing kangaroo poop and building Jurassic Park (we’re not kidding!), economics, the prospect of emigrating to Norway and mental health, amongst many more!