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The first English dub clip of Attack on Titan has been released

The popularity of the Attack on Titan anime has exploded since the Japanese release, igniting a future full of creepy Titans which include a Japanese live-action film (and a car commercial), and the English dub release of the anime. I’ve never been a huge anime fan before Attack on Titan, and I really grew to enjoy watching it with subtitles, so when the announcement of the English dub version appeared, I was pretty skeptical. Continue reading The first English dub clip of Attack on Titan has been released

Titan from ‘Attack on Titan’ invades Anime Expo

We love Con season. It’s a magical time when all kinds of people from all walks of life come to single locations and hang out together. Some dress up, some don’t. And some dress up, dance their ass off and make everyone’s day. This is exactly what happened at Anime Expo in LA this past weekend.

This is the second video featuring cosplayer P Diddy as a Titan from the hit anime Attack on Titan; he also wore the suit at AniMega Con. P Diddy might be better known for his series of videos called Deadpool Vs the Universe where you can find the mischievous Marvel character at Free Comic Book Day, Fanime, WonderCon and others.

You gotta respect a man who knows know to twerk it. 

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