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A Week in Gaming – Keep On Keeping On

This week I didn’t play a whole lot of “new” stuff, as there wasn’t much to play. The Last of Us “Left Behind” did come out on Valentine’s Day but since I have yet to play it I’m stuck talking about some of my other, less interesting (for you, not for me) exploits.  Continue reading A Week in Gaming – Keep On Keeping On

A Week in Gaming: Stuff and Things


So I have been playing a lot of stuff this week. It’s been a busy week with both life and gaming, to be honest. I have had three PlayStation 4 games to play through as well as the new DLC for Bioshock Infinite and Tearaway for the PS Vita. On top of that I’ve had school and a crazy work schedule (gotta love working retail during the holidays) so busy hardly describes it. What I have had the chance to play has been pretty awesome though, and there truly is no better time to be a gamer.

I’m going to do a quick and fun general recap of all my exploits this past week, video game-wise. There’s really no point in going into depth since none of you have all day to read every detail about all the games I have been playing, I’m sure, so I’ll keep it short and sweet. Let’s get cracking, shall we?

Bioshock Infinite: Burial at Sea (Episode One)

I played through this lovely little DLC last week and really enjoyed it. Venturing back to Rapture in its hayday (before excessive damage and splicers) was great and playing through that environment as Booker with Elizabeth at my side sweetened the deal. I found myself spending a lot of time just waltzing around and listening in to conversations and looking at the sights throughout the first half of Burial at Sea. It takes place in an area that wasn’t in Bioshock or Bioshock 2 so there was a lot to see if you are interested. Plus, I just love this little gem (thank you Ken Levine):



I did have a few issues though. One was that the plasmids were all weird, cannon-wise. You have Devil’s Kiss and Possession at the beginning but you should have had Incinerate and, I don’t know, Telekenisis or something that was actually a plasmid not a vigor. Maybe that’s just me being a stickler but I thought that was odd. I also thought the gameplay was still a little bit overly difficult (I played through on medium and died way more than I should have) but oh well, not a huge deal. The new microwave gun was a neat addition though. The narrative was the best part, so I’m really looking forward to playing as Elizabeth in Episode 2.

Killzone: Shadowfall

This game is gorgeous and features some really fun gameplay (if you’re into first-person shooters) but is pretty lacking in the story department. I expected this as none of the Killzone games have featured great story lines on their own (they are better as a whole I suppose) but it still kind of sucks considering this was the major launch day exclusive for the PS4. On the positive side I really like how they wove all the neat new features the PS4 has to offer into the game. Little things like playing audio logs through the speaker in the controller to having stunning graphics were really neat. Overall it’s been a lot of fun and while it’s not perfect it’s helps me to imagine what futures games will look and feel like.

Battlefield 4:

I really haven’t played more than about 5 minutes of this game’s campaign but I have been having a blast with the multiplayer. I’ve been mainly playing team deathmatch since I hate playing objective-based modes unless I have some buddies, but I have been having a great time. In Battlefield 3 I was fond of the assault class so I’m sticking with that. The new interface is much easier to get the hang of (spawning and upgrading/selecting weapons in a match mainly) and makes the gameplay a lot more fluid from the player’s perspective. I hope to make some friends soon and play with a group more than as a lone wolf. I’m a good lone wolf, but even wolves need buddies sometimes.

Assassin’s Creed 4:

Now I don’t usually like the Assassin’s Creed games and I have only beaten 2 and played part of 3, but I got this for free (technically) so I thought why not give it a try. I’m actually liking it a lot more than I have liked any other AC game. It plays well and looks pretty, plus I love the whole pirate theme. This is another one I can’t elaborate much on since I haven’t had the time to play it very much, but the hour or two that I have played has been really cool.



Some of the funner aspects include the naval battles, the open world feeling, the scenery and of course seeing whales and other sea life out and about. It’s really an improvement over past games, even over what little of the past games I have even played. I’m looking forward to playing more of it.


Now this little piece of gold is really just amazing. I have only played about an hour of it, so I can’t say too much, but I really love it so far. To be honest this game was the reason I wanted a Vita in the first place. Once it was announced I knew I had to have it. I’m a sucker for cute little games like this but in all honesty it’s just a fun game all around. I adore the art style (Media Molecule knows how to impress me) and really like the innovative use of the Vita camera and dual touch screens. Tearaway is definitely a good game to get if you have a Vita, I’d highly recommend it.

So what have you all been playing this past week?