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Episode.32 – Incoductzilla

Joshua solos another episode, but considering the subject matter, it’s kind of obvious why. This week, he’s discussing the newly released Godzilla movie, the recent Big Wow Comic Fest comic book convention in the San Francisco Bay Area, shaking the hands of Godzilla and Ultraman, upcoming blog events and honestly, pretty much all things Godzilla. Also featured is the return of Incoductalk, this time with Chris Mowry, the writer of the current Godzilla: Rulers of Earth comic by IDW Publishing.

Show notes:

“What’s in My Head?”


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Episode.30 – The Boss

Just like that, we’ve hit Incoductic’s dirty thirty. Joshua is back in proper form after a sudden outbreak of busy happened upon him and he had to step away from the mic and into the real world for a hot second. Joining him this week is his brother and fellow gamer, James B. Boss. Check out the sibling geek fest as they discuss Free Comic Book Day, The Amazing Spider-Man 2, gear up for the release of Godzilla, the upcoming Big Wow Comic Fest and cower and wince at how these two could not be mistaken for ANYTHING other than brothers. Also, feel free to marvel at James’ impression of Bane. Seriously, it’s pretty good.