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The Warmest Farewells To GFN

Goodbyes are never easy, but sometimes it’s necessary to move onto the next chapter in your life or to look ahead at all the other exciting possibilities waiting for you. Like my fellow GFNer, Cary, I’m officially saying farewell to this wonderful little site.

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(Saying Goodbye) and #Listmas2014: Geeky Gifts

There are times for flourish and rhetoric, and there are times for straight talk. It’s with the latter in mind (and, okay, maybe a little of the former) that, with this, my final post, I bid a misty-eyed farewell to Geek Force Network. Writing for this site has been among my most enjoyable tasks since this whole wonderful conglomeration began. Unfortunately, the duties of real life have been calling out strongly for me lessen my online workload, and I can no longer avoid the call. To my GFN partners-in-crime and everyone who’s followed me here, you have my utmost appreciation. You all truly made GFN into one of the most awesome sites on the Internet, and I’ve certainly enjoyed one hell of a happy ride.

One of best best things about writing for GFN was that we were given carte blanche to write about whatever we wanted. It’s in that spirit and all the holiday-ness that I figured I’d make this goodbye post into a  #Listmas2014 post (because it’s just the right thing to do), and offer up some of my favorite geeky gifts that I’ve come across over the past year.

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The Patient Hobbyist

Half-page advert for British Fretwork Outfits, Brighton Toy and Model Museum, East Sussex, UK
Half-page advert for British Fretwork Outfits, Brighton Toy and Model Museum, East Sussex, UK

This week it’d be careless of me to not join my fellow GFNer simpleek in celebrating all things Dragon Age! (Please do check out her great post on Dragon Age Keep.)  I too have been looking forward to this game ever since it was first announced. And now begins the process of treading the Internet very lightly in the effort to avoid major spoilers about the game. And it is a process, let me tell you, because although our copy of Dragon Age: Inquisition is now resting comfortably in our household gaming stash, it’ll be several weeks before I really get to sink my teeth into it.

And that’s okay.

No, really…it’s okay. And I’m okay.

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Spread the Word: Newbie Blogger Initiative 2014

Starting May 1st, the third annual Newbie Blogger Initiative will kick off. This is a near and dear initiative to my heart, as it is the reason I started blogging back in 2012.

Every year since 2012, the NBI has gathered for a single month to help get new people interested in game blogging.  Its community-first attitude means lots of experienced advice, people more than willing to check out and promote your new blog, as well as provide an ongoing support network.

If you are interested in blogging for the first time or for starting a new blog, it is an easy way to build up some initial contacts, supporters, and views. #NBI2014 will run for the entire month of May with special events, promotions, and articles throughout. Even if you aren’t interested in starting your own blog, it’s a fun blogging community to get involved with or share with others.

For more information, check out the website. And don’t forget to follow along on Twitter as well!

Feed Your Passion, Check-In Your Fear At The Door

Everyone has something they’re passionate about. Some like to paint. Others like to dance. Some may even like taking photos of the world outside. Whatever your passion is, you simply abandon yourself in it and you don’t worry if you’re good at it or not. What matters is you love something and you indulge in it. It’s when you stop doing what really matters to you that you lose a piece of yourself.

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The Contemplative Blogger, or, Notes for the New Year

Cat uses a laptop
I’m contemplating what you meant when you said “mouse.”

Normally when a new year rolls around, I’m more than happy to let go of the old one. But this year, 2014, is (and will be) something different. Off the Internet, 2013 was not a great year for me – I definitely hit more valleys than peaks over its twelve months. But on the Internet, it was a banner year. Not only did I successfully manage to continue my own blog, but I also, somehow, garnered a (hopefully) long-lasting stint with GFN, and I helped launch and regularly contributed to United We Game. With this in mind, I’ve spent an abnormal amount of time over the past week or so reflecting upon my 2013 blogging adventures. I really can’t put into words the affect blogging has had on my psyche.  It’s become a “thing” that I simply must “do.” Blogging has permanently settled into that portion of my brain that tells me to do chores, pay bills, make coffee, clean up after the cat, etc. Except that it’s fun, enjoyable, and exciting; and it simply must be done no matter what.

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When A Blank Page Is The Scariest Thing A Writer Can Face


Writing is in my blood. Whether I’m typing on a keyboard or writing with a pen, I always feel this driving urge to express what I want to say. It’s both therapeutic and a way to bring your imagination to life through words. I find writing an essential part of my life, just like the air I breathe.

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