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Episode 13 – The Papier-mâché Episode

Episode 13 was recorded Monday, April 21, 2014.

Topics: A new Civilization game, a new mystery Gearbox title, the Borderlands 2 Pre-Sequel, Brodie’s mic sucks, robot Securigators, and our first Character Battle of the Century! of…the…week. Be sure to vote! This week: Master Chief vs. Solid Snake. Click here to download the show.


A Week in Gaming – Or Not…

My week in the gaming world has actually involved little to no gaming. This month has been pretty slow as far as new games go and I’m really just waiting on the Tomb Raider Definitive Edition to release on Tuesday. I’ve been replaying a few games, mainly Borderlands 2 (with my buddy) and Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning. I’ve beaten both games before but on the Xbox 360. This time I have them both on the PlayStation 3 so it’s a trophy fest, plus I just love these games.

When I played Borderlands 2 previously it was split-screen with my boyfriend. Playing online with a good friend of mine has been a new experience and a fun one, making my second playthrough very exciting. Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning is just a great game and I love playing it so it’s been a good way to pass the time.


Other than all that I have actually been using most of my free time for other things that I find important. One of those things is writing. During the holidays I was really shifty with my posting schedule and never had much time to write anything. I had just gotten the PlayStation 4 and was working non-stop so I didn’t have much time for anything but PS4 and work. Now that my schedule has lightened up I’ve been able to get back to writing which is really great. Another thing I’ve had more time to do is read. I’m getting into comic books and having more time to read them has been really fun and beneficial.  I also have a few novels in my backlog which I now have time to read.


I’ve also had more time to actually go to the gym. I’ve been meaning to go back for a while but with the holidays and the “I’d rather be on the PS4” mentality it was difficult. I’m pretty proud of myself really. I have been able to self motivate myself to go to the gym after work in the morning before work on a pretty regular basis the past couple of weeks. I feel great and since I’m back to eating healthy (it’s hard with all the Thanksgiving food and Christmas treats) everything is falling into place.

Well, that’s my week in gaming or rather not gaming. What have you been up to this past week?

Siren’s Call: Why Maya Of Borderlands 2 Possesses The Best Ability

Borderlands is a game I find highly enjoyable when you play with other people. I beat the first game last month and have since moved onto Borderlands 2 with my gaming buddy. I tend to call our gaming sessions our “ladies night of gaming” when we aren’t, you know, going outside, socializing, and…stuff.

I know most have since played and beaten Borderlands 2, but I’m a slow gamer and a cheap one at that. I’m lucky this same friend, who has beaten Borderlands 2 more than once on her own, decided to give me the game for my birthday. We aren’t too far into the game yet, but I can already see why many gamers call the second game way better than the first. One of those reasons why I may be liking Borderlands 2 more than the first game is the inclusion of two new playable characters, both who are female.

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Game Sammich Episode 26 – Wooah we’re halfwaaay there


Watch us record episode 26 of Game Sammich LIVE at 6:30pm PST below. If you’d like to chat live with us while we record, head over here, or connect directly via irc to irc.mibbit.net, in the #GameSammich channel.

Brad’s still obsessed with Ouya, Errn’s still obsessed with FFXIV, Kevin’s still swearing a lot, and Bart’s crying in a corner because he’s fresh out of Zima.

State of Decay coming to Steam via Early Access!!!1  squeeee  TF2 gonna get a face lift and a boob job. Borderlands 2 getting another DLC with a new level cap this fall. Word has it The PS4 will work with PS3 headsets, wireless ones even!  <—yes apparently this & the CrapBox None are still being talked about. Trion’s End Of Nations is apparently coming back for round two & taking alpha sign ups as well.

Join the official Game Sammich Extra-Life team to help raise money for the Children’s Miracle Network!

Do Not Disturbs:

  • Ouya
  • Tower Fall
  • Castle Crashers
  • Rogue Legacy
  • Civ V
  • Tomb Raider
  • Steam Vs. Bank Account

Live Chat makes life better.  Sign into the IRC widget under the video to join in on the Sammich site.

Video will update here once we go live.

TONS of games on sale over at Green Man Gaming some even lees than what Steam was going for.

Game Sammich Episode 25 – Back in the game


Watch us record episode 25 of Game Sammich LIVE at 6:30pm PST below. If you’d like to chat live with us while we record, head over here, or connect directly via irc to irc.mibbit.net, in the #GameSammich channel.

So the crew is back in full force with 2 weeks worth of pent up word vomit.

Don Mattrick departs Xbox/MS to go be CEO of Zynga – another one bites the dust. Valve Pipeline created by teenage interns tries to get budding developers interested and hooked in. CDC is closer to investigating gun violence and video games/media, and Saints Row 4 tones it down with a low violence version for Australia. Square Enix has a message for anyone that played the original version of FFXIV and what to do with your characters.

Time sinks:

  • Ouya
  • Civ 5
  • Borderlands 2
  • LA Noire
  • Ouya
  • Deadpool
  • FFXIV Beta
  • Mortal Combat
  • Ouya

As always, come chat live, it’s way more fun.

Video will update here once we go on air.

Steam summer sale is happening too!  Cross check your sales though, Amazon & Green Man Gaming are driving hard bargains and keeping up!