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Episode.27 – Gone Wild Incoductic Vol. 1: Wrestlemania XXX

What’s f#$%ing good, everyone? Welcome to the first installment of our much touted program, Gone Wild Incoductic, or GWI for short. These episodes offer a lot less flow, minimal editing and complete shoot emotions and opinions from everyone involved. Likely, these will also inherently be recordings at or of events, so stay tuned for that. On this debut volume, Joshua and company discuss the outcome of the sports entertainment world’s Super Bowl, none other than Wrestlemania XXX. It’s an oblong-table discussion with many of his friends who were in attendance for their Wrestlemania party and we invite you to check it out… if you dare.

And of course, much love and condolences to the family of the Ultimate Warrior. To Warrior himself, you were truly one of the most larger than life characters ever to grace the squared circle and your influence and impact are felt all throughout the business. It was an honor to see you take your spot in the WWF Hall of Fame, a spot that is very well-deserved and we dedicate this episode and the hype brought to us all by Wrestlemania to you.

The Ultimate Warrior
1959 – 2014


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