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Meet Your Maker: Character Creation In Games

The best thing about playing an RPG or most games in general is having the opportunity to create your own character who will be representing “you” during your time with a game. The possibilities are literally endless. You can either create a likeness of you to play as in the game or you can create an entirely different character who looks nothing like you. It’s your choice. When you’ve got options at your disposal, there’s no telling how long you’ll spend on the character creation screen until you get your character just right.

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Name That Artist: The Joys Of Music Identifying Apps

The advent of smartphones has made the lives of every individual in the world a lot more easier and convenient. You can surf the internet on the go, Google Map an unfamiliar location to find the restaurant you’re supposed to meet your friends at, or pull out your planner for the week to check if you can fit in that much needed spa day. There are billions of apps, some free to download or pay-to-use, that are tailor made for all your needs. Among the best apps to ever be invented are the music identifying apps.

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Snowpiercer: A Visceral Movie Experience

Movies are often described as an experience. You watch movies expecting to be entertained or leave with a more philosophical view on life and humanity. Movies are capable of all that and more. When you come across a movie like Snowpiercer, it becomes one of those unforgettable movie experiences that keeps relentlessly striking you at your very heart and soul. It’s emotional from start to finish and the characters leave lasting impressions on you for days.

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The Ideal Home: A Personal Geeky Touch

Strangers and acquaintances wouldn’t know it by looking at me, but I’m a geek/nerd. One of my best friends the other day told me I’m, what he’d call, the “stealthy geek.” On the outside I look like the typical girly girl––I don’t wear graphic T-shirts that references a certain video game or anime. I don’t wear geeky jewelry like a Triforce necklace from Legend of Zelda or a replica of Galadriel’s ring from Lord of the Rings. Those who are close to me will only be able to see I’m a true geek through and through when they step into my room and see the mountains of shojo manga I have and the collection of video games I currently own. It won’t stop there. Someday, I dream of moving into a place where I can eventually decorate my future home with personal geeky affects.

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A Puzzling Solution: Overthinking Puzzle Video Games

I’ve never been particularly good at puzzle games of any kind. I fall into one of two extremes––I find the puzzles too hard to solve or I overthink the solution to the puzzle when it’s a lot easier than one might think. When I usually overthink puzzle games and the easiest solution has been staring at me in the face the entire time, I’m instantly dumbfounded why it isn’t so obvious for me as it is for everyone else.

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The Type Of Gamer I Am

People become gamers for a variety of reasons. Some get into it because of the gameplay. Others for story and characters. Or it’s a bit of both. Based on what your personal preferences are, you’ll gravitate to one game over the other. A discussion I had with a friend recently reinforced what type of gamer I am––I’m the gamer who plays to escape into a great storytelling experience and with characters who linger on your mind after you’ve put the controller down and turned your console off.

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Attack Of The Internet Trolls: Reactions To Dragon Age – Inquisition’s Reveal of Dorian

Video games still have a long way to go when it comes to diversity in games. In a perfect world, we’d have games that covers the experiences of every race, color, gender, and sexual orientation. We may even get to play as these people in their own lead story!

When developers reveal a cast of characters who will be showing up in a game as either playable or part of your party and they aren’t the “usual” sort of characters you typically see in games, it’s always exciting news to hear. Bioware’s recent unveiling of its first “fully gay” character in the upcoming Dragon Age: Inquisition is one instance of this. Even though there are steps being taken to have game experiences that try to be more inclusive, there will always be one or two individuals who will be resistant toward that move.

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