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Getting Spoiled

I’m a bit of an odd duck when it comes to spoilers.  Where most of my friends will plug their ears and cover their eyes anytime a potential plot twist or massive story event is being discussed, I will make no effort to avoid these conversations.  If a piece of media is strong enough to be worth my time, then no amount of prior knowledge should be able to ruin the experience.  I feel that this sentiment is quite valuable in the world of video games, where constant media coverage barrages players with previews until there is nothing left to the imagination.

Of course, the average player would prefer to avoid any sort of spoilers for upcoming games.  This is particularly true for the more story-heavy titles of today.  (WARNING: NOT REAL SPOILER ALERT) Few people want to go into The Last of Us knowing that the entire game is a dream of a giant whale, or play Bioshock Infinite and find out that the cast of characters are all dinosaur people in disguise (END OF FAKE SPOILERS).  So when a video game that relies on a strong narrative is adapted into a comic book, most writers will create side stories or new adventures to avoid ruining the experience of play for uninitiated gamers.  Of course, some writers choose to adapt the game’s story directly onto the printed page, spoilers be damned, which happens to be the case for the Disgaea manga. Continue reading Getting Spoiled