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Don’t Call it a (Fashion) Comeback

Fashion is a finicky business…for the wearers. You may think you’re harboring the latest trends in your short trousers and funky oxfords, but what’s “in” and “out” can change in the blink of an eye. Certainly there are timeless looks that will never go out of style, but there’s nothing wrong with buying a little into the latest fad. And as we’ve recently seen, a number of trends from the past, such as the whole “skinny” look that’s quite popular for both men and women, seem to be here to stay for good. Other past fads have also been popping up here and there — fads that were once quite the thing but have since fallen out of favor with the general public. It was said that the return of leggings in the 21st century might have started with Lindsey Lohan. In the case of some of these minor attempts at reviving fashion fads, it would probably take a whole army of Lohans (scary!) to re-gift them to the masses. Some smaller trends  have never really disappeared, but rather have hung around the fringes of wardrobes and department stores just waiting for another brief moment in the sun. Here are a few I’ve noticed on the streets of my city.

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