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Standing at the Crossroads with JRPGs

The other day I did an incredibly rare thing – I purchased a video game on a whim, without any forethought or questioning, without any rhyme or reason. In all my years of gaming, the act of purchasing a game has never been something I’ve taken lightly. I tend to play it close to the chest when buying games, preferring to stick with franchises I know and trust or games that I’ve thoroughly read up on and believe are worth my hard earned sixty dollars. But in the case of this very capricious choice, I went against my own rules and sensibilities.

No need to hold on to your butts here; the game I purchased wasn’t anything all that far-flung, just Final Fantasy XIII-2. Yep, that’s all, simply a Final Fantasy game. I turned on the Xbox, noticed its little sale ad on the homepage, and made the purchase. And I can’t explain why.

Maybe because of the epicness?
Maybe because of the epicness?

Though I’ve never watched FFXIII-2 in action, I’ve read plenty about it, and most everything made me want to stay far away from this most recent “Lightning” trilogy. Though I like the few FF games I’ve played well enough, I wouldn’t call myself a fan of the series.  I like turn-based combat fine, but my understanding was that the FFXIII games deviated from that norm in ways not terribly pleasant. TL;DR Final Fantasy XIII-2 was never on my radar. And yet here I am now the proud(?) owner of it, and I’m not holding out hope that I’ll actually have time to really sink my teeth into it in the near future.

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Final Fantasy VII: The Web Series has officially shut down


Back in July I posted an exciting article on PhoenixDown introducing a Kickstarter that was trying to ignite a Final Fantasy VII web series. It had an outstanding response, seemed to have successfully initiated contact with Square Enix, and showcased a stunning trailer that undeniably gave me chills. There was obviously a lot of time and passion spent into making just the thought of this web series, and it would have been interesting to see an episodic version of one of the greatest video games ever made.

Unfortunately, as of today, Shinra Productions has officially announced that their project has been shut down. “It is with great sadness and heavy hearts that we must inform you that Final Fantasy VII: The Web Series is officially shutting down. We first came up with this crazy idea in September 2012, and it’s been a hell of a ride ever since.

“Our team of directors, artists, musicians, composers, producers, animators, actors and dreamers have sacrificed every wake of their personal and professional lives to make this happen. Unfortunately, our voice was not heard by the powers that be. Since day one we have built this project on strong principal and morals.

“We have grown this project within the confines of every law, and have treaded with nothing but respect for the Final Fantasy Series, for Square Enix and for the fans. We have the crew. We have the studio. We have the professionals. We have the time. This all meant nothing without the seal of approval from S.E.

“We are devastated that we cannot show you what we had in store. This was the web series that would have made such a bang, meteor would have looked like a hail stone against a hot piece of glass. This was going to be massive. This was going to be beautiful. Some of us are still not giving up, and will continue to pursue the series with S.E. We will, however, be shutting down pre-production effective immediately.”

It’s such a disappointment to receive such news, but I hope that some sort of agreement can eventually be made. Whether or not you believe that a Final Fantasy story can be retold outside of the games, this project proved that something could have been created. It definitely would have been beautiful.

Make sure you continue to keep an eye out for Shinra Productions who apparently have some projects to be revealed in the future.