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The Difficulties Of Sidestepping Spoilers When You’re Late To The Party

TV was a big deal for me at my house when I was growing up. I watched every single show that caught my fancy from Full House to Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Growing up as a kid during the ’90s, we arguably had the best shows to watch. As I got older and shows started getting less and less appealing for me to watch, I’ve gotten pickier about my viewing habits. I don’t watch a ton of TV anymore and I barely have time to watch the ones I do watch.

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New GoT teaser will make you scream “WHERE’S THE DAMN DRAGONS?!”

Game of Thrones fan? Of course you are! It one of the best shows on television! And after last season’s Red Wedding, Jon Snow finally getting some and the badassness of the Mother of Dragons, we are all biting at the bit for Season 4 to start. And HBO knows that all too well, which is why they’ve decided to torture us by releasing five super, super short teaser trailers on Vine and now 30 seconds of teaser. Check out the clip below. A longer trailer is reportedly debuting before the premiere of True Detective on Sunday, Jan. 12 at exactly 8:58 p.m. PST. Season 4 of Game of Thrones will premiere on April 6. 

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Tales From The Tape Deck #1 – Episode 4 – On Overchlorinated Formal Wear, Pt. III

Okay, it happens. Every good podcast host goes through a physical breakdown where it’s literally impossible for them to remain conscious for an hour. Sorry. 😦 SO, enjoy this old episode from our archives, where we talk about the royal family, Game of Thrones, and Timothy Dalton. Enjoy!

[audio Tales_From_The_Tape_Deck_1_-_Episode_4_-_On_Overchlorinated_Formal_Wear_Pt._III.mp3]

Intro – “Round and Round” – Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti
Thanks to Umphrey’s McGee for the kind use of their single “Miami Virtue” for the outro; they improvise music that makes angels sob their wings off. http://www.umphreys.com