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The Ideal Home: A Personal Geeky Touch

Strangers and acquaintances wouldn’t know it by looking at me, but I’m a geek/nerd. One of my best friends the other day told me I’m, what he’d call, the “stealthy geek.” On the outside I look like the typical girly girl––I don’t wear graphic T-shirts that references a certain video game or anime. I don’t wear geeky jewelry like a Triforce necklace from Legend of Zelda or a replica of Galadriel’s ring from Lord of the Rings. Those who are close to me will only be able to see I’m a true geek through and through when they step into my room and see the mountains of shojo manga I have and the collection of video games I currently own. It won’t stop there. Someday, I dream of moving into a place where I can eventually decorate my future home with personal geeky affects.

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I’ll Give My All To You: My Top 5 Geeky TV Couples

Everyone wants someone to love. Love is a simple word, but packed with a lot of meaning. Love can be as beautiful as it is complicated. It can make your heart flutter or it can rip it to shreds. In spite of what love can do to people, we can’t really live without it.

Love doesn’t happen to just the beautiful and perfect people of the world. It happens to every self-proclaimed geek, weirdo, outsider, and misunderstood person as well. Television has spawned some really great couples, where one or both individuals are not the prom queen or the smooth operator. Instead, they have qualities or traits that make them charming and loveable to the ones who take the time to really get to know them. How else does someone fall in love with another person if you don’t take the time to find out what’s hidden behind the surface?

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10 Ideas for Celebrating a Geeky Valentine’s Day

In our house, every holiday is a geeky holiday! Our Chrismukkah tree has Star Wars and Doctor Who ornaments and our Easter will be spent at WonderCon. And Valentine’s Day is no exception. We’ve spent the last couple of V-Day’s exchanging geeky presents or going on geeky dates. Whether you’ll be spending Feb. 14 with your sweetheart or your friends, here are 10 ideas for celebrating a very geeky Valentine’s Day!

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On a Geekly Basis: The Nerdy Girlie

on a geekly basis

Welcome to this week’s installment of “On a Geekly Basis,” a weekly feature that profiles awesome geeky people and things!

This week we want to introduce you to Megan Gotch, founder of The Nerdy Girlie Blog!

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SDCC 209


geek or nerd

A Nerdy Girlie 🙂

first nerd or geek

I was definitely a nerd at a young age.  I loved Star Wars and Jurassic Park.  Couldn’t get enough of my Nintendos.  But it took my first trip to San Diego Comic Con in 2009 for my nerd flag to reach its full height and hasn’t come down since!

get into

I began blogging as a way to stay in touch with family, let them know how we were getting a long in San Diego.  But again San Diego Comic Con got a hold of me and I began The Nerdy Girlie after my 4th visit in 2012.


I have a LOT of favorite fantoms.  Life long are Futurama, Interview with a Vampire, Harry Potter and books in general.  But more recently I have gotten into Doctor Who, Sherlock, Firefly, and Being Human.


My on going project is my blog The Nerdy Girlie.  I have a few series that I am working on:  Every Day Cosplay and Geek Girls Gab.  Also every Monday leading up to Comic Con I have been posting to my San Diego Comic Con Guide.  I hope that my years of experience at SDCC can help out newer attendees and maybe even some vets.


I would have to choose the 10th Doctor.  Ever since I began my Doctor Who obsession David Tennant has been my nerd of choice.  Hopefully we could have that drink on a far off planet in a far off time!

tell us

Megan Gotch is the founder of The Nerdy Girlie blog site. Her nerdiness came on at a young age when she received an NES for Christmas. It then became full blown upon her first trip to San Diego Comic Con in 2009. Each year she eagerly awaits the Con and her fan girl list continues to grow. Megan enjoys TV, photography, writing and ballet. Her nerd crush is Zachary Levi and her current obsession is Doctor Who. She lives in San Diego and hopes to never leave.

Do you consider yourself a geek/nerd? Are you a Dungeon Master, gamer, cosplayer, have a geeky podcast, blog, or an extensive action figure collection? Are you a comic book writer/artist or storeowner? Do you make geektastic films or viral videos? Are you into geeky crafts or creations? We want to hear from you for a weekly feature on our blog!

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