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2011 called — it wants its blog post back

facebook screen grab

Do I feel outmoded writing about Facebook? More than a little, yes. Because really…who cares anymore? Well, I guess I do. You see, I started using Facebook in 2009 at the behest (and request) of a very dear friend.  It was still all over the news then as the “new” (though not really) and “hottest” way to keep up with all your friends. What has it become since then? A social media giant? An advertising mecca? The “new” and “hottest” thing to quit? I really don’t know anymore.

I think my use of Facebook is follows a pretty common path among, at least, my FB friends – it has definitely ebbed and flowed with the times. When I first signed up, I updated my status every day, I quickly responded to requests, and I sent and accepted friend requests without a moments hesitation. I enjoyed reading through the feed to see what people were up to, from close friends to those with whom I had lost contact and were now connected. I “participated” as people got married, bought houses and cars, had kids, and grew up and into life. It was fun, interesting, and it really felt social.

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Episode 39 – The Despotism Of Tone Abet

[audio http://traffic.libsyn.com/fromcassettes/Episode_39_-_The_Despotism_of_Tone_Abet.mp3]

This week, card carrying member of the Australian Labor Party Leo comes on to discuss the Australian election, Senators throwing kangaroo poop and building Jurassic Park (we’re not kidding!), economics, the prospect of emigrating to Norway and mental health, amongst many more!


At the Buzzer Mini-Show (08/22/13)

Episode XX — Chris and Shaun try to make up for a missed show by talking about what happened in the past week, including Tales of Xillia, adventures with illness, and…uh…I mean, it’s a five-minute show, so there aren’t a ton of topics.


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