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Hey honey, where’s the cable remote?? Oh right…

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As some of us remember with fondness (or not), the TV show Breaking Bad ran its course a little over a month ago.  That day will forever be tied to my memory not only because of Walter White’s fate, but also because it was the day we cut cable. Uh, wait…so, it was the day before the day we cut cable, but still. Breaking Bad had been one the primary reasons we’d held cable, and we made a pact with ourselves to do away with it for good once the show was done. So with the finale in the bag, we made the call that Monday morning. The same afternoon we returned the cable box and its convoluted remote, and we bid a very welcome farewell to that portion of our Comcast bill. It felt soooo good when the rep told us the cost of our new internet-only bill.

Here we are a month later and life is quite alright. I don’t really miss it — the cable box, or the extra remote, or the occasionally terrible service — it’s all a very distant memory.