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“Destiny” So Far

Screen Shot 2014-07-26 at 12.32.05 PMFor the past week, I’ve been dipping into Bungie’s Destiny beta — just like the rest of the gaming world, it seems! Although I’ve only had time to play for about five hours so far, I’m already hooked and eager to see what else the game has to offer. Here are my thoughts so far…

New Science Fiction IP

Screen Shot 2014-07-26 at 12.31.23 PM

As a huge science fiction fan, I’m always on the lookout for new sci-fi worlds to explore. That’s why I’ve been so eager to see what Destiny is like — it’s a brand new sci-fi IP!

If I had to compare Destiny to one other world, I would say it reminds me most of Star Wars — yet it’s totally unique. There’s some mystery to Destiny‘s world, and the presence of the Traveler — a massive sphere in the sky that enables people to colonize other planets in the solar system and equips some with special powers — reminds me of the “magic” of the Force.

Destiny has an intriguing science fantasy world that leaves a lot for players to explore and unravel. I’m very happy that it is a world with warmth, which makes me want to spend time there. There are some post-Apocalyptic landscapes, jumpships that add to the sci-fi flavor, plenty of tech, and some special powers that feel almost like magic. It’s a unique blend that I talk about a lot on my blog here.

Character Creation

destiny character

Destiny lets you customize a character — an automatic win for the role-player in me. You can choose from one of three character classes and one of three races, each with male and female options. I chose to play as a female Exo warlock. The Exos are a robotic race, while the warlock class is the equivalent of the mage class in other games (or, like, an Adept in Mass Effect).

The character creator itself gives plenty of attractive options without going so far as to allow customized noses and jaw lines and all that. You choose your gender, one of several face shape options, your skin color, eye color, hair, and tattoos or headwear. Those are the main choices, and they’re all designed to give you a unique, good-looking character with minimal fuss. I played around with the engine creating characters for a while before finally settling on my Exo!

Toned-Down MMO Style


When it comes to games, I like to immerse myself in the single-player experience. The biggest issue for me is that the “gaming” aspect of playing with other people is very distracting from the role-playing and worldbuilding. That’s why I don’t typically play MMOs.

Destiny offers an experience that feels MMO-ish without overloading you. Some parts you play solo. Other times, you’ll be able automatically grouped with a couple of other players — but the game doesn’t shout this at you. Instead, you’ll just spot the other players hanging around the area with you while you do your thing. And having a limited number of people with you means you won’t bump into others all the time or feel the crush of the MMO crowd. Of course, you can choose to play with others during these times, too — I just haven’t yet.

I appreciate that the MMO experience is toned down, but I’m still not a fan. It breaks the immersion to see other players’ usernames floating above their characters’ heads, and it’s distracting to see other players jumping around the Tower and approaching quest givers alongside me. However, I’m sure I’ll get used to it, and so far, Destiny has been enjoyable (and totally possible) to play solo.

Special Powers


There’s a problem for me as a sci-fi video game fan: Most sci-fi games are shooters, and I’m terrible at shooters. I just don’t like them all that much. I find it much more engaging to try out different kinds of weapons, such as the daggers, bows, and battle axes in fantasy games — or better yet, throw some magic around. There’s nothing I like more than freezing an archdemon in Dragon Age. It is awesome. And that’s why I enjoy Mass Effect so much. It’s a perfect blend of science fiction polish and special powers (tech powers and “biotic” powers).

The good news is that Destiny offers fantasy-style character classes while still letting you hold a rifle. You can hunker down and shoot in a typical FPS style or play to your more unique skillset. Titans are heavy armor and weapon specialists, Hunters take advantage of speed and stealth, and Warlocks channel energy from the Traveler to cast special (almost magical) powers. The diversity of these classes offers something for everyone, and I can tell I’m going to enjoy the Warlocks’ “magic.”

Last Thoughts. . .

Screen Shot 2014-07-26 at 12.31.37 PM

All of these elements create a very unique game, but it’s nothing if it doesn’t have the right energy. You might mix all of these features together and come out with a game that feels cold or methodical or slow — but Destiny feels right. You launch your jumpship from one location to another to take on missions in order, with the Tower always available to you if you need to grab supplies or upgrades in between. Having a little companion in my “Ghost” — a floating AI — is a perfect, personable touch. And even though it’s very early in the game, I already feel a sense of exploration as I land on these wasteland planets and start scavenging for supplies, fighting menacing enemies everywhere I go.

I have a feeling playing the full game is going to be a blast.

— Ashley

Black Desert’s character creation is amazingly impressive!

Black Desert, a new MMO that’s still in closed beta, is a gorgeous-looking game that I’ve just had the privilege to discover. Developed by Korean company Pearl Abyss, Black Desert will deliver a variety of experiences inside of its sandbox atmosphere including open-world combat, castle sieges, and real estate opportunities that will allow a limited amount of houses to be bought by players. The game itself looks beautiful and definitely “next-gen,” which becomes obvious in the latest character creation video. Continue reading Black Desert’s character creation is amazingly impressive!

Meet Your Next Time Suck: The Elder Scrolls Online

For two weekends now, I’ve had the pleasure of beta testing the highly anticipated Elder Scrolls Online. Peter was the one who first turned me on to the Elder Scrolls franchise, starting with Oblivion, and he has recently become immersed in the world of Skyrim. But I’ll admit it: They’re not really my type of game. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge fantasy and medieval geek, so rich storylines and immense world was really attractive. Sadly, it was the gameplay that has deterred me from these games. I’ve never been great at the first person POV games because I get so stupid nervous when I can’t see what’s behind or to the side of me—I barely got through the Fallout games with my sanity—so I tend to die a lot and freak out.

But I knew I was missing out on something amazing when it came to the Elder Scrolls games, which is why I jumped at the chance to get a peek at the upcoming The Elder Scrolls Online MMO. I knew that the MMO would provide the third person action I enjoyed, while still immersing players in the rich mythology of the Elder Scrolls, and let me tell you: fans of both the Elder Scrolls and MMOs will be pleased with this game.
Continue reading Meet Your Next Time Suck: The Elder Scrolls Online

Virtual True Stories

Last week, Dark Horse Comics posted the first of a four-issue series called EVE: True Stories.  What makes these tales stand out from their video game comic brethren is that they actually happened(well, more or less).  Unlike the actions in Mario or Sonic games that occur every time a player sits down to play, the details in EVE: True Stories chronicle an online event that involved thousands of players back in 2009.

EVETrueStories1I must admit to having almost no experience with EVE: Online, save for knowledge of its existence as a vast and complex massively multiplayer game.  I have seen screenshots of intergalactic battle cruisers and read stories of the need for economic analysis of the game world, both of which made the experience of play seem rather daunting.  Having read the first issue of True Stories, I am at least a bit curious about this rather social spacecraft simulation.  The artwork is made up of heavy contrast and shadows which serve to heighten the sense of espionage and cunning in the plot thus far.  These dark illustrations come as no surprise considering artist Tomm Coker’s work on Daredevil: Noir.  The well-paced story is written by Daniel Way, who has quite a bit of experience working with Marvel Comics (of note, Wolverine: Origins).  Overall, the first issue is worth a read, especially considering that Dark Horse is offering it as a free digital comic.

What makes this entire comic book event rather exciting is the potential of such a collaboration.  With the advent of capture technology and Let’s Play videos, game enthusiasts have been able to share their experiences with the world at large like never before.  Those fierce skirmishes in Halo or the epic raids in World of Warcraft are no longer confined to a handful of screens.  The stories that players create in eSports competitions become international news.  And thanks to the efforts of CCP Games and Dark Horse Comics, there is one more outlet that chronicles the tales of games and the players behind them.

For more bits and pieces on video game comics, be sure to check out Geek Force Network every Monday.  More info can be found here.

All images courtesy of the EVE: Online Community

Drooling Over Elder Scrolls Online’s Character Creator

I’m not a big MMO player. The only one I got into was Star Wars: The Old Republic, and I’ll admit I haven’t touched it in nearly a year. But when I think about the top three games that have me excited for the new year, the ones that spring to mind are Dragon: Age Inquisition, The Witcher 3, and the MMORPG Elder Scrolls Online. And to get started with an expansive game like ZeniMax/Bethesda’s ESO, you need to create a character who will represent you in the game for many hours — even months or years — of exploration and gameplay.

The footage of the character creator in Elder Scrolls Online is stunning. I was already impressed by The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim‘s character creator, but the thing about Skyrim‘s is that every character you create looks a little war-torn and ugly. That’s not necessarily a bad thing; I don’t mind the realism. But it inevitably led to a ton of mods aimed at making characters beautiful, and that’s something that ESO devs might want to consider when working on the next character creators — a shallow something, maybe, but not a small something.

From early videos on the ESO character creator, it looks like they’ve addressed this. Orcs still look tough and toothy, Argonians still have that rough lizard-like skin with spikes, but everything looks absolutely gorgeous — and it seems it will be a breeze to make your character easy on the eyes and not Skyrim-style tired.

Hot elf.
Hot elf.

But going beyond the superficial in the superficial, the sheer number of customization options and the level of detail are impressive. You can choose height and weight, the build of the shoulders and waist, skin color, tattoos, and lots of facial features. Each gender currently has 24 hairstyles, with some of these specific to a character’s race. There are other customization options specific to races as well; for instance, black-colored eyes is an option uniquely available to Wood Elves. The same goes for body markings, with Dark Elves getting House sigil tattoos, etc. You can read more about it in a developer Q&A here.

Your character will also be able to wear any armor in the game, which is pretty awesome the more you think about it. Some armor is done in the style of a certain race — I immediately think of the glossy, heavy dwarven armor that I just loved to put all over my mannequins in my first playthrough of Skyrim — but your elf can rock Khajiit armor if you want.

The reason I like this is the extra opportunity for character depth this creates. For one thing, you can wear armor that means something to your character — like wear Nordic armor taken from a fight against a Nord. It’s natural to assign meaning to loot in games like Skyrim and ESO. But you can also take it one role-playing step further and say that your elf wears Khajiit armor because she was raised by cat people. Or her first love was a Khajiit. Or she just has an affinity for the Khajiit people and culture deep down in her soul. That’s cool.

Plus, it sounds like ESO will be rolling out new customization features in content updates after launch. Devs say:

“Over time, players want to change their appearance as they develop their characters, so we do have plans to release additional hairstyles, tattoos, adornments, etc. in post-launch content updates.”

I, for one, would love a barber shop feature, even if it’s just for changing hairstyles once in a while a la The Witcher 2. (Geralt can really rock a braid.) Whatever the case, I appreciate that devs will allow us to adjust our characters in some ways, however small, later in the game.

Look at those Argonian abs.
Look at those Argonian abs.

The thing about MMOs is that you don’t want to create new characters all the time; you want to stick with one and level him/her for a long, long time. It’s a journey that can take years and a relationship with a character you’ll never forget. Being able to create a character from scratch is the first step on that path, and it’s important to be able to fine-tune your avatar’s look in as many detailed ways as possible. ESO is definitely putting the reigns in players’ hands there with customization.

I’m already drooling over the Argonian skin colors, spots, and spikes for my future character…

— Ashley