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Listmas 2013: Sometimes the world is best seen in black and white

Still from Miracle on 34th Street @ Twentieth Century Fox Film Corp. (source)

(“What the heck is ‘Listmas‘??” Find the answer here and/or here!)

If there’s one holiday movie that I simply must watch at this time of year it’s Miracle on 34th Street (1947). This amazing, post-World War II project starring a young Natalie Wood is filled with everything you could want from a holiday movie: great sounds, fantastic sites, and a wonderful story. What this movie doesn’t have, or rather, what the original version doesn’t is color. Oh, the movie has since been released in color, but that’s not my version. And I’m not trying to sound like a movie snob, I simply prefer the black and white version of the movie. I don’t need red, white, and green blasting me in the face as I’m trying to enjoy this simple yet brilliant tale involving the one and only Kris Kringle. I’ve seen its colorized counterpart, and the color doesn’t add anything. It doesn’t make the movie feel more Christmasey. If anything, it detracts from the visuals. Miracle on 34th Street  is black and white (and gray) in form and function, and I simply like it that way.

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