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Snowpiercer: A Visceral Movie Experience

Movies are often described as an experience. You watch movies expecting to be entertained or leave with a more philosophical view on life and humanity. Movies are capable of all that and more. When you come across a movie like Snowpiercer, it becomes one of those unforgettable movie experiences that keeps relentlessly striking you at your very heart and soul. It’s emotional from start to finish and the characters leave lasting impressions on you for days.

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A Halloween Tribute to Troma

Do you like your Halloween coffee with plenty of cream and sugar. I certainly do. I’m not big on inviting scary, horror-riffic stuff into my life, so I tend to take most anything around this spookiest time of year with many grains of salt. And that goes doubly for scary movies, which, for many, are a must every October. Last year round this time I talked about my favorite “non-horror scary” movies, my made-up and preferential film genre for this time of year. While I don’t mind your typical blood ‘n’ guts/ghostly/mindf*** horror movies, I much prefer the lighter, funnier, and unnecessarily silly movies that highlight all things frightful and eerie.

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Things That Go Bump In The Night: The Horror Genre From The Perspective Of A Scaredy Cat

Every October and in preparation for Halloween, most people I know tend to watch scary movies. It helps them get into the spirit of Halloween by having a good scare. While most kids love Halloween for dressing up in their costumes and going door-to-door to get a bag full of candy to keep them on a sugar high for days, adults prefer to have their socks knocked off with something terrifying. This is why scare events like haunted houses are widely popular this time of the year. If you’re a gamer, maybe there’s a certain horror video game you love to play and would have a horror video game marathon to get into the Halloween mood. Me? I can’t stand the horror genre.

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Is It Possible To Still Make Decent Rom-Coms? One Indie Film Has Me Convinced

I’m a huge romantic. I enjoy reading or watching good love stories, especially the feel good kind. The late ’80s and ’90s saw an explosion of the feel good love stories that we often categorize as romantic comedies. By now, there’s nothing particularly new about this genre of film. It follows the usual formula everyone will recognize––boy meets girl, boy and girl are so obviously right for each other but one or both don’t realize it yet, boy and girl are put in a situation where there’s a delay in the two getting together but the attraction to each other is undeniable, a revelation happens, cue sweeping romantic gesture and confession, and finally the couple get together and live happily ever after. There’s a variation to the formula, but the end result is still the same and it’s for your favorite couple to end up blissfully together.

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Episode.34 – Thundah frum Daen Undah

Welcome to Episode 34, everyone! Joining Joshua this week is good friend, fellow fighting gamer and Australia-based friend, Tim Round. The duo discuss such things as working on the railroad all the livelong day, the release of the Amazon Fire phone, U.S./Australia relations by way of Podcast and punk rock, while all the while battling shoddy WiFi and time zones. Also, more discussion of Godzilla Night III and Joshua discusses his and wife Hannah’s upcoming, kaiju-related travel plans.

Show notes

“What’s in My Head?”


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