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Need to buy some geeky things for your geeky friends?


Christmas is almost here and I haven’t bought a single gift for anyone yet. So if you’re like me and you’re starting to scramble to buy some awesome gifts online (while hoping that they arrive in time for Christmas), here are some pretty sweet ideas!

Pac Man Soap



For $7.99 you can get some awesome Pac Man and Enemies soap to display in your home. While I would use these as simple decoration (I couldn’t bring myself to actually use them), each character has a different flavor!

  • Pac Man – Juicy Pineapple
  • Pinky- Bazooka Bubblegum
  • Clyde- Creamscicle Ice Cream
  • Blinky- Strawberries & Cream
  • Inky- Cotton Candy
  • Cobra Commander- Fruit Loops Cereal

Link: Pac Man & Enemies Soap

Price: $7.99


Legend of Zelda Wayfarer Sunglasses



Some girls enjoy buying a bunch of shoes. I, however, enjoy buying a bunch of sunglasses. As a huge Zelda fan, it’s a must for me to have a pair of these. Unfortunately, these aren’t guaranteed to make it by Christmas, but they may be worth buying anyway. Each pair of sunglasses are hand painted so no two items are identical. And if you’re tired of collecting sunglasses, they can also come with clear lens instead.

Link: LoZ Wayfarer Glasses

Price: $52.11


Mass Effect Inspired Nerf Gun



I love Mass Effect and I love Nerf guns… so why not combine the two? This Mass Effect inspired Nerf gun is handpainted, clear coated, and fully functional. While it would be perfect for someone who enjoys collecting Mass Effect stuff, it would also be a good addition to some Mass Effect themed cosplay.

Link: Mass Effect Nerf Gun

Price: $29.99


Fairy in a Bottle Necklace



You never know when you may need that extra life. Now, you can keep your very own Zelda inspired fairy in a bottle necklace! Each bottle contains a small, blue fairy with transparent wings. The cork is sealed in place and the fairy is suspended on a piece of clear wire so you don’t have to worry about it falling apart.

Link: Fairy in a Bottle Necklace

Price: $15.00

Video Game Buttons – Set of 7



Buttons are cool. Video game buttons are cooler. Each order contains the set of buttons you see above, each one about the size of a US quarter. You also have the option to turn your set into magnets instead!

Link: Video Game Buttons

Price: $3.00