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Episode.29 – Berf Daze

Guess who’s birthday it is… er at least two days ago it WAS. Super-short episode for everyone this week, as Joshua’s had a bit of a busy weekend with the birthday goings on and general hustle and bustle of the weekend. As a result, there’s no guest, no format and and no editing this week, so it’s KIND of a Gone Wild Incoductic episode. However, there IS a lot of gushing, giving a rundown on the awesome gifts his amazing fianceé got him and asking attempting by Joshua to get his birthday present crowd funded so he can Killer Instinct his face off. Spoiler, it’s an Xbox One he’s asking for.  At any rate, enjoy Episode 29!

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Episode.24 – One Man Band

 So, on account of some rather annoying technical issues, recording with a guest host this week wasn’t really an option for our poor Joshua Evo. So as a result, Episode.24 will be a solo episode in which Joshua tries to preserve the integrity of the show, but with a lot fewer sexy voices to listen to. Thanks for listening… especially after THIS episode.

  Show notes:

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