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The hype that fueled your anger

“Don’t Believe The Hype” by linehan42

Pokémon Pokémon Pokémon! Pokémon? Poképoképokémon! Pokémon Pokémon Pokémon!

If your feeds looked something like this the past few days, I apologize for participating in the hype around the launch of this new game about our favorite Japanese monsters (sorry Godzilla). Once the hype train gets rolling, there’s hardly anything able to stop it. If you’re not on the train, you just hope it will zoom by or crash and burn, allowing you to witness weeping fanboys. It’s the little things in life.

Sometimes, you’re not just not on the hype train. The entire craze about something just gets you so annoyed that you start hating the topic without really knowing why. It’s not that you dislike GTA V, but the way everyone treats it like a game coded by the Messiah himself just makes you wish it was never released. It’s the most primitive, honest form of hatred, fueled by the fiery passion of others.

For example, die-hard Tolkien movie fangirls just rub me the wrong way. When the latest The Hobbit – Desolation of Smaug trailer was released, my feed echoed with the sound of exploding ovaries and frame-by-frame analyses of every Lee Pace-filled second in the trailer. Really, I’m looking forward to the movie, but I wouldn’t mind if those fangirls would make an unexpected journey to Mordor so I can enjoy the flick without their drooling.

So, has there ever been a hype that just got you mad? A craze that still fills you with anger? Use the comments as your chance to vent it all, and share your traumatic experiences with the skillfull psychologists of GFN!

Reasons Why You Wont Find Me Playing Grand Theft Auto V


With Grand Theft Auto five being released last week I have noticed a resurgence of messages and questions about whether or not I am picking the game up. Each time I respond with a simple “No, I don’t care much for the series” which earns me odd looks and the “What? Why Not?” response. Here is your chance to get the scoop on why I don’t care for the Grand Theft Auto series as a whole and why I will not be playing Grand Theft Auto 5 anytime soon. This is my attempt to clarify my reasons, a lot of people think that my not liking the series means I am talking down about it or see it as a bad game series – which isn’t true. For what they are, the Grand Theft Auto games are well done and feature a lot of great and fun aspects. That doesn’t mean I have to like it, though.

I have played all of the main games in the Grand Theft Auto series since Grand Theft Auto 3 and up to Grand Theft Auto 4. Each time I find myself giving up on the main storyline about half way through and just spending my time in the game driving around until I get bored and find another game to play. I have a strong passion for criminal justice and until just recently I planned on becoming a police officer. Because of this playing as a gangster/thug/criminal was never too appealing on a personal level. I have never been particularly comfortable with the situations the game puts the player in during the main storyline.


Of course most say that “it’s just a game” and that if uncomfortable situations or realism makes me uncomfortable I shouldn’t be playing games. I don’t think that is very fair since opinions are subjective and my dislike of realistic gang situations does not mean that I cannot like any game ever. I’m the same way with war-themed games like Call of Duty or Battlefield, the realism behind the storyline and the game’s plot is not something I am comfortable with. Until recently the country I live in was involved a war that cost thousands upon thousands of human lives, and I live in an area where gang activity is on the rise, so both of those situations are a little too close to home for me. I prefer science fiction or fantasy themed game myself, or something that doesn’t exist in the way that it is portrayed such as the criminal activity in the Batman Arkham series. Games which allow me to escape my reality are more appealing than games that force me into it in an intense way.

All that seriousness aside, there are other things I dislike about the series aside from my discomfort with the game’s storyline. One of the other main reasons that I dislike the Grand Theft Auto franchise is the fact that I tend to find the game boring in the long-term sense. Sure it’s fun to drive around and listen to music, but after a while it gets old. I have gone on rampages and gained the maximum wanted level, I have done speed runs around the city, and I have even challenged myself to be law-abiding and stop at red lights while avoiding collisions and striking pedestrians. Regardless of what I choose to do with my in-game free time I have eventually gotten bored and moved on, which I suppose has left a sour taste in my mouth.


Another reason for my disliking the series that I don’t find any of the main character in past games to be even remotely relatable or even likable, for that matter. I like games that feature relatable characters who are likable and I just can’t get into the thug life enough to get why these people are doing such awful things. I understand that not all of the characters are awful people and I’m not implying that they are poorly written, I just personally find them to be bland. Aside from a couple of other nit-picky reasons I think I have covered all the main reasons why I dislike the series. Long story short, these reasons have prevented me from purchasing Grand Theft Auto 5 and enjoying past games in the series.

I play games with a “to each his own” attitude. I may not like a game or I may find it to be offense or just bad in general, but I never judge others for liking it. What I am trying to say is that I don’t think less of people who like the Grand Theft Auto series (heck, my boyfriend likes it and I love him) and I don’t mean to offend anyone with my personal reasons for disliking the games. I feel compelled to state this due to past experienced in which I have been berated by people who misunderstand me, thinking that I am somehow threatening them or disrespecting them on a personal level. I am not trying to do either of those things, just simply expressing my opinions.

Anyway, I hope this clears up any questions in regards to why I don’t care for the Grand Theft Auto series. Of course, you can always ask me if you need further clarification and I’d be happy to help you understand. I hope all of you who purchased Grand Theft Auto 5 are having tons of fun with it, it really looks like a great game. See you next week, folks!

My Darling Clementine – Speculations For The Walking Dead Season 2 Game

A few weeks ago, it was announced by Telltale Games CEO Dan Connors in a San Diego Comic-Con panel that Clementine will “definitely be a part of” the second game of The Walking Dead and the fate of another major character in the game, Kenny, will be explored as well.

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Top 7 Most Annoying Video Game Characters

It takes a lot for a fictional character to truly irritate me, and even more for me to actually put them on a list because of that irritation. These seven characters have annoyed me to no end and made the games they are associated with stick out in a negative way in my mind. In all honesty, this list is meant to be a little fun, I don’t necessarily hate these characters I just find them annoying. Some of them are comically annoying while others are just plain irritating.

I have decided not to order these from least to most annoying so they are really in no particular order as they are all equally irritating. By the way, there are a few spoilers involved in my descriptions, if you haven’t played the game involved with the character then read at your own risk.

Jessica Sherawat (Resident Evil: Revelations)


Not only is Jessica an annoying character personality-wise, she is also the most obnoxiously dressed character in the Resident Evil series. I mean come on, what is the point of that wetsuit with one leg missing and why is her hair kind of hanging out of that cap? On top of that, the wetsuit seen above comes equipped with high heel boots. It’s more than pointless, it’s annoying. Jessica spends most of the time flirting with Chris Redfield (to no avail) and betraying her friends. Otherwise, she is just typical eye-candy, though to be honest her annoying nature makes her sex appeal worthless. To sum it up, one of her quotes happens to be “Me and my sweet ass are on the way!”

Navi (Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time)


What would an annoying character list be without good ol’ Navi? The little fairy get’s a lot of negativity since pretty much everyone hates her and honestly I feel like she deserves it. I imagine myself in the Water Temple, finding my way around and trying not to get lost, when all of a sudden “HEY LISTEN!!” I think “ok Navi, tell me what to do” and what pops up is “This is the Water Temple! There is water here.” Good. While that isn’t an exact quote, it shows just how pointless what she is usually trying to say is. Navi always says something I either already figured out or something that is common sense. You’d think having a neat looking fairy friend would be awesome, but alas it is just plain annoying.

Oerba Dia Vanille (Final Fantasy 13)


The only character more annoying than Snow in Final Fantasy 13 was none other than Vanille. My beef with her is layered. Not only is she just flat-out annoying with her cheery, uncalled for comments and high-pitched voice, but I find her character in general to be an annoyance. I don’t really get why she was even there other than for Fang to have some kind of story that gave her emotion. She just pranced around and said stupid things the whole time. Speaking of prancing, even her walk was irritating! I didn’t know a person could walk and shake their ass that much, I thought it was impossible. All in all, Final Fantasy 13 had a handful of irritating characters, but I found Vanille to be the absolute worst.

Ashley Graham (Resident Evil 4)


Ashley is just the worst. I can’t even being to tell you about how annoying she truly is. Hate escort missions? How about a whole game that is one big escort mission? Did I mention that the person in need of an escort is the most worthless person ever and will always get captured by the enemy? She will also get in your way often, resulting in you shooting her and with her dead you get a “game over” screen. Well if you like all of that, Resident Evil 4 is your game. Don’t get me wrong, I loved the game, but Ashley’s presence was mindbogglingly annoying. Everything about her makes me mad, from the way she acts to the way she walks and everything in between. I must say, the parts of the game in which her stupidity got her captured and Leon was able to stroll about alone where the best parts, hands down.

The Council (Mass Effect Series)


The Council is one group made up of 3-4 people who will drive you crazy while playing through the Mass Effect series. In the first game you try to warn them that a rogue spectre is using a Reaper (a massive death bot) as an ally against the galaxy, The Council’s response? “Nah.” In the second game you tell them that there is a Reaper threat and that they are abducting human colonists and killing tons of people, The Council’s response? “Meh.” In the third game you tell them that the Reapers are attacking Earth and other planets, killing billions overall, and their response? “Well… Ok, but we can’t help you.” WTF! They are the stupidest group of idiots in the galaxy and they make all the major decisions for everyone. Why? Because. That’s why.

The Owl (Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time)


Another annoyance from Ocarina of Time – The Owl. This guy pops up at specific times to tell you about the journey you are about to embark upon, and on occasion he is helpful as far as storyline goes, but then – it happens. He has been talking for what feels like 4 hours and you finally get to the end of his spiel. At this point you are mashing the A button to get through his garbage then he asks “Did you get all that?” so you mash it one more time without reading. You have just pressed “No” and are forced to read all his crap again. You mash through it again and get to the end and before you can stop yourself from mashing you press “No” a second time. This may go on forever depending on the player, but I must say that it was the most annoying thing ever in anything that has ever existed. Little 10-year-old me did not have the time for that.

Ellie Langford (Dead Space 2 and 3)


Ellie’s character makes me sad and annoyed at the same time. The sad part is that she doesn’t start off being annoying. In Dead Space 2 she is actually a pretty cool character who is fully capable of protecting herself and even loses an eye (she got stabbed in the eye with a screwdriver) and keeps going. The annoying part is that by the time the third game rolls around she is a grade A drama queen. At first she is angry at Isaac for not caring enough about her, then she fall back in love with him, then Isaac kills her traitorous boyfriend, then she is mad again, then she dies, then she comes back and leaves Isaac, and then the game is over. It’s makes me think “My GOD! Why is this even happening right now?” I loved that she and Isaac had a thing going on, but by the end of Dead Space 3 I am just so done with that romance and her and anything involving the two of them.


That’s my list of annoying character for you, what are some of yours? The weird thing about annoying characters is that not all of them annoy everyone the same way. For example, I saw about 3 lists of annoying characters from random websites that had Elena Fisher (Uncharted Series) in their top 5. I loved Elena so it was weird to see her listed as most annoying, just as I’m sure there is someone out there who will see Ashley on my list and think “Oh man! She was AWESOME!” (Just kidding, no one has ever said that about Ashley) Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my list and I look forward to hearing what some of your most annoying characters are!


There’s That “Lazy Gamer” Stereotype Again

Last week I was scrolling through my Twitter feed when I encountered this Kotaku article with a video clip of MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough calling men in their twenties weak, stay at home gamers who have no chance in hell of ever getting married. Okay, he didn’t say that last part verbatim but he might as well have. This comment was prompted by a recent study concerning how the role of men and women in the household is shifting. According to the study, more women are considered the breadwinners of the family, a role that used to traditionally be considered a man’s job.

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