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Standing at the Crossroads with JRPGs

The other day I did an incredibly rare thing – I purchased a video game on a whim, without any forethought or questioning, without any rhyme or reason. In all my years of gaming, the act of purchasing a game has never been something I’ve taken lightly. I tend to play it close to the chest when buying games, preferring to stick with franchises I know and trust or games that I’ve thoroughly read up on and believe are worth my hard earned sixty dollars. But in the case of this very capricious choice, I went against my own rules and sensibilities.

No need to hold on to your butts here; the game I purchased wasn’t anything all that far-flung, just Final Fantasy XIII-2. Yep, that’s all, simply a Final Fantasy game. I turned on the Xbox, noticed its little sale ad on the homepage, and made the purchase. And I can’t explain why.

Maybe because of the epicness?
Maybe because of the epicness?

Though I’ve never watched FFXIII-2 in action, I’ve read plenty about it, and most everything made me want to stay far away from this most recent “Lightning” trilogy. Though I like the few FF games I’ve played well enough, I wouldn’t call myself a fan of the series.  I like turn-based combat fine, but my understanding was that the FFXIII games deviated from that norm in ways not terribly pleasant. TL;DR Final Fantasy XIII-2 was never on my radar. And yet here I am now the proud(?) owner of it, and I’m not holding out hope that I’ll actually have time to really sink my teeth into it in the near future.

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Play on, ye marathoners. Play on! (And tell me, how the hell do you do it?)

Image by Flickr user Ben Andreas Harding
Image by Flickr user Ben Andreas Harding

I don’t know how you do it — you wonderful gamers who can play and play and play with nary a break (except for snacks and the calls of nature, that is). What be yer secret? she said in a pirate accent for no good reason. How do you sit for so long, immersed in as virtual world doing virtual things? No sarcasm there, I’m serious. Marathoning games is something I want to do, but simply can’t. Or won’t. Or something.

I’ve come to realize that my gaming attention span lasts about two hours. I can sit comfortably doing this, that, and the other in any given game for about two hours before I need a break. And as far as I can remember, it’s been a habit for a long time.

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