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A Puzzling Solution: Overthinking Puzzle Video Games

I’ve never been particularly good at puzzle games of any kind. I fall into one of two extremes––I find the puzzles too hard to solve or I overthink the solution to the puzzle when it’s a lot easier than one might think. When I usually overthink puzzle games and the easiest solution has been staring at me in the face the entire time, I’m instantly dumbfounded why it isn’t so obvious for me as it is for everyone else.

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Experimental Art

Over my many years reading comics, I have found that the best books have art that complements the story.  A rollicking fantasy tale should have ethereal watercolors and wide panels for landscape views, while gritty noir fiction should have strong contrasts with tight frames to depict the narrow confines of a city.  The artwork dictates the mood of a comic, providing the reader with a visual to influence their emotions while reading.

On the extreme end of art complementing a story are books where unsettling visuals match a dissonant narrative.  Worlds where logic doesn’t always apply, characters who have lost touch with reality, certain time periods may have never existed; these story elements tend to shine brightest with surreal art and harsh panel layouts.  So when Valve decided to create a comic around a rather offbeat side character from the Portal series, it would seem natural that the art would be as jarring as its protagonist. Continue reading Experimental Art