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My Halloween Horror Game Guide

Alright, so with Halloween right around the corner we are all wondering what kind of games to play to give us the most heightened sense of fear possible. I personally love the horror game genre on an all year basis, but around this time of year it’s obviously more prevalent in the gaming community. People always ask, “Hey Lady, what are you playing/what do you recommend we play?” so I have come up with a small list of my favorite horror games. These games are great to play alone in the dark, if you dare.

Dead Space


Dead Space is a must for me this time of year. Not only is it one of my favorite games out there, it’s really creepy to boot. Be sure to shoot the limbs and have a good time trying not to jump out of your seat.

Amnesia: The Dark Decent


This is another one that’s filled with creepy, dark situations. I think this one is one of the most intense games out there, you can’t fight back and have you seen those enemies? Sheesh, talk about scary. Make sure you play this one with the lights off if you cannot handle psychological horror.

Resident Evil: Directors Cut


Sure it’s old, but it’s a classic. Even now, 17 years after its initial release, it’s still scary. Remember that first zombie on the floor that looks up at you (it’s in the picture if you forgot)? That is intense, and back then that was enough to make me scream. If you can move past the PSX-era graphics then this is a must play around Halloween.

Slender: The Eight Pages


The whole Slender thing in itself is creepy. A guy that follows you around, getting closer every time you look back, then eventually killing you? Oh, he’s also really tall with unnaturally long arms and has no face. This game is relatively short and a lot of fun if you like cringing in horror and slowly becoming paranoid.



The paranormal fear seekers will appreciate this one. It’s another psychological thriller with a creepy little girl and a lot of death and blood. Most people consider this one of the most creepiest games out there, just try to avoid the third installment in the series – it’s a bit of a bore.

What are some of your favorite horror games to play this time of year? I know I can’t name them all, so help me out here. Just remember, don’t be too afraid – the monsters aren’t real.