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The things you just don’t do in a game

Earlier this week, I’ve been surfing my favorite gaming sites like I do every day, just to be reminded of the existence of WildStar. How could I forget about you, you beautiful potential messiah of the MMORPG genre? With your innovative setting and approach to character customization through your “Paths”, how could your upcoming beta and near-future release (where “near-future” is a really broad term) have slipped my mind? Before I knew it, I was browsing its site again, checking out all the updates I had missed. Did the setting sound so awesome the last time I’ve been here? Did their PR talk have the same, seducing effect on me when I heard it for the first time? I don’t care!

Anyway, sooner or later, I came to the classes you’ll be able to play once the game hit. There’s the gun-and-sorcery-wielding spellslinger, the magical esper, the good ol’ fashioned warrior and…the Stalker. I’m writing that with a capital S because it stands for Supercool Class. Essentially, a Stalker is a super-powered assassin with nanobots and all that future stuff packed into his body, ready to kick some alien ass. The Stalker is about sneaking up to your target, killing them up close and…wait a second! The Stalker is nothing but a rogue! Cancel! Abort! Eject!

For some reason, I just don’t do rogues. I mean that in a way that I don’t play them in videogames. If there’s a lightly armored, melee class available, you can bet that it will bore the heck out of me. Does it have plate armor and a shield to bash faces? Yeah, I’ll play that. Does it summon elemental spirits and dance around totem poles? I’ll play that until a boring expansion set ruins the game for me. Does it just use knives and swords to just stab people? Ahum…boooooring!

Yeah, it might be childish and narrow-minded, but as I said: I don’t do rogues. Luckily, many other gamers don’t do certain things as well. Some don’t play entire genres, other just don’t understand how you could play a character of the oppossite sex. This week, I wanna know what your “don’t” is. Share it in the comments, and we can find out about each others weird mental blockades!