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As the garden (and the gardener) turns

Yesterday I tweeted out this picture of a teensy baby asparagus from our garden.


And it was greeted with triumphant flourishes and many huzzahs!

Only it wasn’t. But that’s okay. Considering that I thought the asparagus seeds were never going to germinate, I was excited enough to share, and that’s enough.

The fact of the matter is that our garden is currently the most exciting place to be. Well…I guess that notion extends to any garden, but ours is pretty damn awesome because we’re finally getting to see the first hints of the fruits (and vegetables) of our labors. Of course, things will get even more awesome once the veggies really start to appear, but we’re out of the “will they or won’t they grow?” stage with all the seedlings. Some haven’t survived, but many more have, and the hard part is over. No more digging, tilling, moving soil, buying soil, or moving more soil. No more babysitting tiny seedlings under plant lamps, cajoling them to please, please, pretty please grow(!) and ensure that our seed purchases were not wasted. Everything is in the ground. The vegetable plants now look like vegetable plants (as opposed to weeds), and we’re heading into a grand summer of regular maintenance, frequent watering, and gradual harvesting.

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