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Name That Artist: The Joys Of Music Identifying Apps

The advent of smartphones has made the lives of every individual in the world a lot more easier and convenient. You can surf the internet on the go, Google Map an unfamiliar location to find the restaurant you’re supposed to meet your friends at, or pull out your planner for the week to check if you can fit in that much needed spa day. There are billions of apps, some free to download or pay-to-use, that are tailor made for all your needs. Among the best apps to ever be invented are the music identifying apps.

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They just don’t make ’em like they used to

"Droid Eris meets pavement." Image by Flickr user Robert Nelson.
“Droid Eris meets pavement” by Flickr user Robert Nelson

Six years ago, I bought a microwave. Even though it lived for part of that time in storage, after a bit of clean up, it worked, and still works perfectly. I just made breakfast in it this morning.

Nine years ago, I bought a wired, push-button phone (the kind your grandmother might still own with big, lighted buttons). Though it had been repeatedly dropped and otherwise abused throughout its life, it worked perfectly up until the day we cut the landline.

Twelve years ago we bought a Gamecube. I used it the other day to play Metroid Prime.


Four months ago we picked up an Xbox One. Turns out it had a faulty disc drive. Now the wireless controller doesn’t work.

Six months ago I bought a faucet water filter with fancy indicator lights. Yesterday, the lights stopped working.

Nine months ago I bought a new phone. Last week I dropped it just right and the screen broke.


Maybe I’m experiencing a cyclical period of bad luck, but I’m kind of in awe at just how many pieces of electronic equipment that pepper my life have recently, in one way or another, died.

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