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The Chindividual asks: why?

My excuses for this cryptic title, but I want to dedicate this week’s post to a quintessential question about our hobbies:


Okay, I think I have to be somewhat more exact: why do you do what you do? Why are you the geek you are, and why do you keep being the geek you are? Am I the only one who asks himself such existential questions? 

You see, I believe that many of us are destined to be geeky. No matter if it’s our genetics, our environment or a mix of both: in any social group, there will always be deviants. It’s like nature has given some of us this built-in mechanism, which forces us to perceive situations from another perspective. However, in order to see things differently, we have to immerse ourselves into different things than other members of our society. According to this theory, all geeks are actually a safety mechanism for society, reminding the herd of different approaches to old or new problems. We’re like the black sheep, just with a love for videogames and cosplay. 

There’s probably as many reasons for being nerdy and/or geeky as there are people in our wide and interesting subculture, but I’m curious to hear your reasons. What keeps you coming back to those special hobbies of yours? 


At the Buzzer (06/27/13)

Episode 100: Show of the Century — The guys celebrate 100 episodes with a colossal show, including a giant Buzz In, an interview with a video game music star, two duets, new music bumpers, and much more! Also, Chris puts himself on the line, Dave finds his love for steak at risk, and Shaun plays the piano like a professional.


Secondary Segment — Buzzfeed

Secondary Segment — Buzzcut

  • Top 3 Memories of the Show So Far

Secondary Segment — Buzzsaw

  • Shaun’s 30-minute anecdotes
  • Dave’s talk about steak
  • Chris’s not speaking in Buzzerbeater

Chris and Molly’s duet on YouTube:



  • “Main Theme (Rhythm Thief” by Tomoya Ohtani
  • “Main Theme (Valkyria Chronicles)” by Hitoshi Sakimoto
  • “With Mila’s Divine Protection” by Noriyuki Iwadare
  • “Arkham City Main Theme” by Nick Arundel
  • “id Purpose” by Hiroki Morishita
  • “Night at the Octodrag” by Thee Jaguar Sharks

Production Assistance: Tony Robinson, Executive Producer

Announcer: Molly Robinson

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