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The Fine Art of Avoiding Spoilers

We all hate spoilers, right? I actually unfollowed a couple of people on Twitter several months ago (who I didn’t personally know — but still, sorry!) because they were live tweeting The Walking Dead, and I had to wait a day to watch it. People can be very insensitive with their spoilering… but I do understand that once enough time has passed, you have to get over it. Live tweeting is never okay, but if you’re talking about an old season of a show or something that’s been out for more than a few weeks or months, spoilers are going to come out. It’s inevitable that you’ll have to work pretty hard to avoid spoilers if you’ve waited too long to watch something.

But what about spoilers for things that aren’t even released yet? I’m talking mainly about video games now, because like all good fans, I’m thirsty for information about upcoming game releases that I’m excited about. Every time I see a news article for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt or Batman: Arkham Knight, I get giddy. I read it all. I want to know everything. At least, I think I do — at first.

However, I’ve noticed that some game companies release a lot of game details before release — almost too many. I have actually started avoiding news articles detailing companion characters or villains you’ll meet in some games, because I don’t want to know about all of them before I play. I like the sense of discovery, and I want to feel like I’m crafting my own journey through a game. I don’t want to be instructed where to go or what to do — however subliminally — by pre-game spoilers.

Arkham Knight spoiler!!

But what makes a spoiler a “spoiler” for something that hasn’t been released yet? I guess the ending just has to be kept a secret. But even if I know I won’t learn the ending of a game, I still get a little nervous about finding out too much. Sometimes I want to go into a game blind and experience the thrill of something catching me off guard — or a chill when I see a familiar villain make an appearance that I hadn’t expected here. There’s even a point when I’ve seen enough footage of a game, and any more will just be smogging up the atmosphere that I want to breathe in the first time I launch the game at home.

Of course I’m not totally against video game companies releasing details about a game before it comes out. It’s up to me to decide what my personal definition of a spoiler is — and then work to avoid those spoilers as much as possible! Because as much as I love learning how my next favorite game is doing in development, there are definitely times when I would rather shut my eyes than see too much too soon.

— Ashley

Getting Spoiled

I’m a bit of an odd duck when it comes to spoilers.  Where most of my friends will plug their ears and cover their eyes anytime a potential plot twist or massive story event is being discussed, I will make no effort to avoid these conversations.  If a piece of media is strong enough to be worth my time, then no amount of prior knowledge should be able to ruin the experience.  I feel that this sentiment is quite valuable in the world of video games, where constant media coverage barrages players with previews until there is nothing left to the imagination.

Of course, the average player would prefer to avoid any sort of spoilers for upcoming games.  This is particularly true for the more story-heavy titles of today.  (WARNING: NOT REAL SPOILER ALERT) Few people want to go into The Last of Us knowing that the entire game is a dream of a giant whale, or play Bioshock Infinite and find out that the cast of characters are all dinosaur people in disguise (END OF FAKE SPOILERS).  So when a video game that relies on a strong narrative is adapted into a comic book, most writers will create side stories or new adventures to avoid ruining the experience of play for uninitiated gamers.  Of course, some writers choose to adapt the game’s story directly onto the printed page, spoilers be damned, which happens to be the case for the Disgaea manga. Continue reading Getting Spoiled

The Difficulties Of Sidestepping Spoilers When You’re Late To The Party

TV was a big deal for me at my house when I was growing up. I watched every single show that caught my fancy from Full House to Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Growing up as a kid during the ’90s, we arguably had the best shows to watch. As I got older and shows started getting less and less appealing for me to watch, I’ve gotten pickier about my viewing habits. I don’t watch a ton of TV anymore and I barely have time to watch the ones I do watch.

Continue reading The Difficulties Of Sidestepping Spoilers When You’re Late To The Party

A Week in Gaming – The Walking Dead: Season 2, Episode 2

This week episode two of Telltale Games’ The Walking Dead Season 2 was released for all to enjoy. I want to talk about it a little, sum up my experience and just leave this post open for some discussion since, due to the game’s nature, we all have differing experiences. I think it goes without saying, but I’m going to say it anyway, THERE WILL BE SPOILERS IN THIS ARTICLE. BOTH WRITTEN AND IN THE IMAGES. BEWARE! Continue reading A Week in Gaming – The Walking Dead: Season 2, Episode 2