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The ebb and flow of my Star Wars fandom

Image by Flickr user Manuel Sagra
Image by Flickr user Manuel Sagra

In the last Full Force, we discussed fandom and what it means to be a fan.  It’s an interesting topic and one that’s been on my mind recently with two major Star Wars announcements arriving through the pipeline: that future Star Wars movies will (mostly) disregard the current expanded universe, and the reveal of Episode VII’s cast that includes the return of Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher, and Harrison Ford.

For the bulk of my years up through the turn of the millennium, I was a Star Wars fan. The first movie I ever saw in a movie theatre was Return of the Jedi, and it instantly hooked me. For years, Star Wars-related gifts were staples at birthdays and Christmases. When the movies appeared on TV, I had to watch them, without question. In time I had practically memorized original trilogy, from scenery to words. I had a large cache of novels, from written adaptations of the movies to any Star Wars book that had been written up to that point. I had Star Wars posters and art books and games. I held my own in discussions with friends about Han, Luke, and Leia. Just like 8-year-olds and dinosaurs, I could rattle off the names of droids, ships, and bounty hunters with ease.

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Quest Update! Episode 14 – The Day The Star Wars Died

Episode 14 was recorded Monday, May 5, 2014.

Topics: We return after a hiatus of a couple weeks with three co-hosts in tow, we talk about the future of Net Neutrality, a couple new Godzilla games, the Star Wars Expanded Universe, Minecraft in schools, and Round 2 of our Character Battle of the Century! (of…the…week) is up and ready for you to vote! Click here to download the episode.

Episode.30 – The Boss

Just like that, we’ve hit Incoductic’s dirty thirty. Joshua is back in proper form after a sudden outbreak of busy happened upon him and he had to step away from the mic and into the real world for a hot second. Joining him this week is his brother and fellow gamer, James B. Boss. Check out the sibling geek fest as they discuss Free Comic Book Day, The Amazing Spider-Man 2, gear up for the release of Godzilla, the upcoming Big Wow Comic Fest and cower and wince at how these two could not be mistaken for ANYTHING other than brothers. Also, feel free to marvel at James’ impression of Bane. Seriously, it’s pretty good.

A long time ago, in a bookstore/library far, far away…

Walk into the science fiction section of any bookstore these days, and Star Wars novels are a dime a dozen — and that’s not a terrible thing. It thrills me to no end to see all the different Star Wars titles that have been released in the past couple decades, from the Young Jedi Knight tween series of the 1990s to the recent The Old Republic books based on the Bioware MMORPG. It also pains me to see just how much catching up I have to do! Granted, I’m not the world best Star Wars fan when to comes to the novels – I have my own “expanded universe” preferences that don’t include much on the Old Republic or Clone Wars – so there are plenty of books that I’ve missed over the past several years. The choice of Star Wars books available to any fan these days is remarkable, but only recently have those choices boomed.

Most fans are probably familiar with the story that not many of the people involved with the original Star Wars movies thought they were going to be hits. When movies took off like roller coasters, the merchandising juggernaut eventually followed. By the early 80s, you couldn’t walk into someone’s house without stepping on a Star Wars action figure or seven. As great as this was for kids and Christmases to come (never mind the influence Star Wars had on merchandising and retail in general), it firmly placed the Star Wars universe in the realm of youth. This meant that most any expansions upon the universe, such as in and through books, were geared towards children. We had dozens of Star Wars picture books and coloring books, and they all sat quite comfortably in the known world of a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away.

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