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Music is your weapon in Harmonix’s new FPS


Chroma, Harmonix’s new first-person-shooter, forces you to rely on the music and the rhythm of the game in order to successfully play. Imagine picking a class, hopping into a map, and shooting enemy players in time with the beat of the song in the background, or the only way you can chase your opponent is by timing your movement to the rhythm. Music is the key element that progresses the gameplay.  Continue reading Music is your weapon in Harmonix’s new FPS


Biofeedback Horror Game Monitors How Scared You Become


Nevermind, a horror game currently trying to reach its goal on Kickstarter, is the first horror game that uses biofeedback to monitor just how scared the player becomes while playing. The more frightened the player becomes, the more difficult the game becomes, in turn, helping the player to manage their anxiety. Continue reading Biofeedback Horror Game Monitors How Scared You Become

New South Park: The Stick of Truth Trailers Appear


South Park: The Stick of Truth, slated for a March 4th release for PC, Xbox 360, and PS3, had one trailer reveal during the Super Bowl game yesterday, while two more “rejected” trailers were posted on the game’s official website. While nothing too specific is revealed about the game’s content on the reveal, it gives fans a very nice taste of what is to be expected after the game has been pelted with numerous delays.  Continue reading New South Park: The Stick of Truth Trailers Appear

At long last, entering the gates of Steam

Image © sependrios (source)
Image © sependrios (source)

Alright people of the Internet, it has happened. Hold onto your butts… … …

I created a Steam account. 

What?! No friggin’ applause? No flourishes, trumpets, or ANGELS SINGING??!! Okay, okaaaay. You don’t have to give me that…just…shut up.

You’re right, who cares? Thing is, I actually downloaded Steam, like, ages ago, and I just never took the time to finish setting up the account.  So many games just sitting there, waiting for me to open up my wallet and say aaaahhhh. And I never…it’s just…I know, y’know! Crazy!

But, see, here’s the other thing…I was waiting.

Game Sammich Episode 26 – Wooah we’re halfwaaay there


Watch us record episode 26 of Game Sammich LIVE at 6:30pm PST below. If you’d like to chat live with us while we record, head over here, or connect directly via irc to irc.mibbit.net, in the #GameSammich channel.

Brad’s still obsessed with Ouya, Errn’s still obsessed with FFXIV, Kevin’s still swearing a lot, and Bart’s crying in a corner because he’s fresh out of Zima.

State of Decay coming to Steam via Early Access!!!1  squeeee  TF2 gonna get a face lift and a boob job. Borderlands 2 getting another DLC with a new level cap this fall. Word has it The PS4 will work with PS3 headsets, wireless ones even!  <—yes apparently this & the CrapBox None are still being talked about. Trion’s End Of Nations is apparently coming back for round two & taking alpha sign ups as well.

Join the official Game Sammich Extra-Life team to help raise money for the Children’s Miracle Network!

Do Not Disturbs:

  • Ouya
  • Tower Fall
  • Castle Crashers
  • Rogue Legacy
  • Civ V
  • Tomb Raider
  • Steam Vs. Bank Account

Live Chat makes life better.  Sign into the IRC widget under the video to join in on the Sammich site.

Video will update here once we go live.

TONS of games on sale over at Green Man Gaming some even lees than what Steam was going for.

How to not go bankrupt during the Steam Summer Sale

Guys, it’s that special time of the year again! That’s right, it’s the season to take out your wallet and buy stuff because it’s sixty percent off! You will ask yourself why the hell you bought it, but at least it was cheap! I’m not talking about Black Friday folks, I’m talking about the Steam Summer Sale, my favorite time of the year to be reminded of my lack of funds and need to have money on my bank account to pay for food and other primary needs!

Now, the Steam Summer Sale is not just fun and games. Alright, it’s a lot of games, but not so much fun when you notice that you’ve already spent way too much on all these spectacular offers. In order to save your purses and make sure all of us can pay next month’s rent, here are my top three tips to minimize your financial damage, but maximize your gaming pleasure.

Tip #3 – don’t buy what you don’t need
Look, just because that title that sounds semi-okay and that gets a decent score on Metacritic has a nice discount, doesn’t mean that you’re gonna play it. And that special offer of that game you got sick off, but that’s now being offered for a quarter of the price with all the expansions? It won’t get suddenly better just because it has additional content for you to explore. So before you buy any title, ask yourself if you will spend more than five hours in it, or if it will catch virtual dust in your library. Though a big collection looks impressive, it feels to know that you haven’t touched half of it.

Tip #2 – a good price doesn’t make a good game
The Steam Summer Sale is the ideal time to offer not-so great games for very great prices. However, a game doesn’t get better when it’s cheaper. Sure, you will feel less robbed once your realize it’s still a crappy game, but you will still have wasted $15 on it. You know what $15 is worth these days? I’m too lazy to give you examples, but I’m sure you can think of something good.

Tip #1 – there will always be a better deal
This is the best tip I can give you. If more than 4 years on Steam have taught me anything, it is the harsh truth that the price you paid for a game will always be trumped by some massive sale a few months later. If you don’t have to have a game at this exact moment, just wait and see if there will be another sale. Trust me, there will be, and you might get some extra perks with it (like a dozen other games from the same developer). Good things come to those who wait.

That’s my wisdom on this topic. Whatever you do during this sale, make sure you get the games you want and play the heck out of them!

Chin out!