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Whatever Works: Button Mashing Through Fighting Games

Back in my younger years and way before I became a gamer, I went over my cousin’s house often to hang out. Sometimes part of the hangouts were spent watching him play whatever game he was in the middle of before I arrived. I often watched him play games like Street Fighter or other fighting games. I’d sit in awe as he’d skillfully take out the CPU with a killer combo or final finishing move without blinking an eye. After a round was over, he’d turn to me and ask, “Want to play?” There were times I’d decline, mainly because I was self-conscious about being terrible at playing against him. It took a lot of urging on my cousin’s part to finally get me to play a game with him. My early exposure to fighting games made me quickly aware of what type of fighting gamer I was––the button masher.

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Episode.34 – Thundah frum Daen Undah

Welcome to Episode 34, everyone! Joining Joshua this week is good friend, fellow fighting gamer and Australia-based friend, Tim Round. The duo discuss such things as working on the railroad all the livelong day, the release of the Amazon Fire phone, U.S./Australia relations by way of Podcast and punk rock, while all the while battling shoddy WiFi and time zones. Also, more discussion of Godzilla Night III and Joshua discusses his and wife Hannah’s upcoming, kaiju-related travel plans.

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“What’s in My Head?”


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The Spoils of Free Comic Book Day!

Another year, another successful day of free comics.  Since 2002, the first Saturday in May has been a special time when anyone who walks into participating stores walks out with special comics at no charge.  My local shop was a packed house from the start of the event.  A line filled with men, women, and tons of kids in superhero costumes wrapped around the store, each of them eager to scoop up some free comics.

Most of the bigger companies had special issues of their series available for pickup.  Most notably, Marvel had several tie-ins to their upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy movie.  However, plenty of non-superhero comics were also ready with free issues.  Adventure Time and The Simpsons, Smurfs and Grimm Fairy Tales; even the Power Rangers had a comic at no charge!  But as most of our regular readers would assume, I was there for the video game comics. Continue reading The Spoils of Free Comic Book Day!