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The Story of a Forty Dollar Tablet

I currently own a Nexus 7 tablet, and it’s been one of the best purchases I’ve made in a long time. The thing is fast and powerful, perfect for writing, web surfing, and moderate gaming. Being quite happy with it, I had in mind obtaining something a little cheaper for work, something I could use essentially as a digital notebook. Over the course of several months, I kept an eye on sales and Amazon just to see if something interesting popped up. I aimed to keep my potential acquisition in the one hundred dollar range with hopes of finding something for a little less than that. The mere thought of getting a tablet for as little as forty dollars never crossed my mind.

Only then, it crossed my path.

While skimming through the sale circulars from the Sunday paper a few weeks ago, a little item caught my attention: a forty dollar tablet. Yep, four-zero bucks, as in two $20 bills, four 10-spots, etc., etc. There’s just no way…I mean, forty dollars…? My mind railed. What would you even  get for that? According to the ad, you actually got something that, from all outward appearances, seemed decent enough. Say hello to the Nobis.

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Adventures in wi-fi with the Nexus 7


I’ve been lingering about in the world without a tablet for a good long while now. “But Cary,” you say, “don’t you have a Kindle Fire?” Yes I do, but the Fire is not a tablet. It is lovely e-reader that should really just stick to being an e-reader. While it downloads books with ease and works great for perusing Amazon, it stinks at just about everything else.  It has a horrible web browser, an on-screen keyboard that only works in the presence of three goats sprinkled with unicorn sparkles, a clunky app store, and a processor that chugs along like that 3 mile-long train that stopped traffic the other day. With my Kindle frustrations at an all-time high, I figured that I finally needed to get with the times.

And by “get with the times” I mean “remain comfortably in the technological past with a machine that’s on the verge of being replaced by a newer model, because that’s life.”

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Reading In The Digital Age – Why I Still Prefer Traditional Books

Over the years we have seen a rapid change and evolution in technology and how we consume media. Vinyl records evolved into cassettes, which later graduated to CDs, and now we have digital music files. We carry these small files onto an mp3 player, which is pretty much dominated by Apple’s iPod. Has there really been any other mp3 player to compete with the iPod? What makes the iPod a nifty little device is the ability to add and remove songs whenever you like.

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