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Minecraft and Heart Surgery!

More Minecraft for you all this week as we draw closer to THE END – so what’s it like inside a minecraft fortress? Tonight on the menu: SILVERFISH

Our first visit to THE END is a well-planned exercise… The execution, however, could do with a great deal of improvement. Prepare yourselves for the most horrific boss fight on the server!

And as an extra-special super-duper bonus, we take a walk on the wild side today in the bloody and drug-filled world of heart surgery – now honestly who left those needles lying about?



Sam and Sam’s Tekkit Ender Quest Part 56 and 57

Just to let you guys know, I have some exciting posts in the work for my blog, including a guest post which I’m hoping to put out tomorrow. Next week, there’ll be more exciting things happening, like… cheeesetoastieandvideogames’ first interview! YAY! So remember to check it for all that awesome content!

And now it’s time for an epic quest into the nether…

More hell-bent adventures as we continue to explore our first nether fortress and end up with warts all over ourselves.

Sam and Sam’s Tekkit Ender Quest Part 54 and 55

Triple sized lava tanks barely deserve a mention in this episode since we’ve got a hundred projects on the go and today we’re experimenting with transmutation tablets and philosopher’s stones!
And the rumor on the SSTEQ grape vine is that Cheeese has started on her secret base…

This episode is full of machines, cats and my awesome, super eloquent explanations. And who doesn’t love all of those things?

Sam and Sam’s Tekkit Ender Quest Part 52 and 53

The factory has undergone a miraculous transformation! Check out the awesomeness!
Also, Grumbl3dook is eager to show off his work, but capturing my attention seems to be more difficult than expected.

This is not poor Grumbl3dook’s day. After slaving away with the awesome upgrades to our factory, he is apparently doomed to suffer many many deaths, a lack of appreciation and me crowning myself Queen of the realm.

Sam and Sam’s Tekkit Ender Quest Part 50 and 51

We finally find another source of lava, but will it be enough? And will I die a fiery death or am I actually being more careful this time?

This time I show off my wonderful navigational skills and Grumble shows off his ability to create art and to pull random objects out of god knows where… Also, FLYING RINGS!!!

Herobrine’s Mansion with Afrow Jow and SSTEQ 46 and 47

THE DAY IS FINALLY UPON US! Remember that special guest we’ve been hinting at since forever? Here he is – TheAfrowJow! This episode contains zombie eating, an unbelievable number of mishaps and a truly epic ending (I count that as a win)!

Check out his channel here:

Once again, Grumbl3dook worries about my state of mind while we’re on a hunt for lava. Instead we get a lot of cows, violence and even a little musical number. Also, Grumbl3dook finally reveals his secret base!

Blaze Rods! That’s what we need and no matter how deadly, fire-y and full of ghasts the nether is, we WILL find some!