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Playing Television Catch-Up

We’ve made it to another day-after Thanksgiving, and folks, I am beat. I mean, no offense to the wild turkeys that roam our neighborhood, but this past week, I’ve been running around like a no-headed turkey doing this, that, and everything in between. Now that turkey day is over (and I hope you all enjoyed a good one), I’m relaxing in my warm, comfortable recliner and catching up on a number of TV shows that I’ve lost track of over the past couple months. I’ve seen the stray show here and there, but can now, with a little time off, indulge in a moderate amount of binge-watching to fully get back in the television game. Here’s what’s on my viewing plate at the moment.

Gotham © DC Entertainment, Primrose Hill Productions, Warner Bros. Television (2014)

Gotham just completed the first half of its first season, and have to say that I…I just don’t know. I want so badly to like it more than I do, but more often than not after watching, I find myself puzzled and confused. In what the show has given the world so far, I see shades of Almost Human (displaced buddy cop elements), the first season of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (nonsensical boredom), and early Heroes (a few stand-out roles). Thankfully, the show has eliminated much of the camp that strained some of its early episodes. (If you’re going to be campy then be campy. Don’t half-ass it in favor misleading everyone.) Unfortunately, the camp seems to have been replaced by blatant overacting, so I’m not sure which is worse. I remain hopeful that the show will find its stride, because when it’s good, Gotham is very good. But when it’s bad, it’s horrible. At this point, I could live with Gotham focusing completely on the Bruce Wayne/Alfred dynamic, as they are both pretty phenomenal characters (and actors). Maybe that’s what it should have done in the first place.

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. © ABC, Disney (2013)
Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. © ABC, Disney (2013)

Meanwhile, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. continues to make me happy. The show ran like a beautifully-controlled freight train through its second season with the culmination of a massive storyline around Hydra and S.H.I.E.L.D.‘s move to the underground. The fact that’s it has rounded into its third season with similar momentum is great. (Although I simply cannot abide Skye’s new bangs.) While I like the somewhat slower pace in storytelling surrounding the obelisk, its World War II origins, and a mysterious city, I’m not quite as engaged. Maybe it’s the lack of nail-biting action, or the change in the relationship between Fitz and Simmons (the show’s true highlight), or that Coulson’s not been his witty self of late. Whatever it is, it’s not enough to make me give up on the show, and I’m glad that it survived its initial growing pains.

Scorpion © CBS Television Studios (2014)

Do I dare admit that I kinda like Scorpion? I can hardly believe it myself because the shows rides hard a number of smart-people stereotypes, but goodness is it bizarrely entertaining at times. Without getting to bogged down in all the (bad) details, Scorpion bands together yet another rag-tag team of highly intelligent people who help (and “help”) the FBI solve tech-related crimes. Collectively, and unfortunately, the folks in the group all fall under the Hollywood umbrella of “geeks and/or nerds.” But individually, the cast is quirky, smart, and is as chemically balanced as a tech-based dramady needs to be. Plus, it tackles, if awkwardly, the question of social aptitude when things like autism, introvertedness, disability, and even depression are involved. The show never goes so far as to become an after-school special, but those of us in the geek/nerd realm instantly recognize and identify with the issues that arise. The fact that the show has incorporated a character that “helps the others connect properly with the real world,” doesn’t make for the perfect equation, but as long as that function doesn’t veer into parody, it’s a step in a direction that I’m okay with.

The Flash © Bonanza Productions, Berlanti Productions, Warner Bros. Television, DC Entertainment (2014)

In other news, The Flash has been added to the watching rotation, and I don’t have much to say about it…yet. I like the overall story that’s been presented, and I enjoy watching the young Barry Allen play around with his status as a “meta-human,” but not much else is catching my full attention. Then again, I have a pretty short attention span, soooo… Anyhow, that’s sorta how its big brother Arrow started out. It took a good season and a bit for that show to find its footing. Despite some considerable missteps (Felicity was a great character until they took away much of her backbone in favor of becoming the “pretty one” this season), Arrow remains a very solid and entertaining (if soapy) show.


That should be TV enough for one weekend. And frankly, just about everything seems like filler until (1) I can get around to new episodes of The Walking Dead and (2) the start of the third season of Hannibal some time next year.

What shows have been filling your television coffers lately?

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The Shorter, The Better: The Binge Watching Experiences Of A Busy Girl

Back in my high school and college days, I used to binge watch TV shows and anime series like a pro. I’d pick one series I’ve been dying to see, sit down, and watch almost the entire thing within a day or two. It really depends on the length of the show. Nowadays, I can barely sit down long enough to watch a show continuously for more than an hour. Watching a longer series is a huge time commitment for me and it’s really rare to simply spend an entire day of my free time just watching TV all day. What’s a busy girl with limited time on most days supposed to do? I discovered the only time I’m able to binge watch anything at all is when series or episodes are shorter in length.

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You Can’t Do That On (Network) Television!

Image by Flickr user Peter Tittenberger
Image by Flickr user Peter Tittenberger

After watching last week’s episode of Hannibal that included begin minor spoilers a scene where a character cuts off and eats a piece of his own face end minor spoilers, I was sure I’d seen it all.

All on network TV, that is.

My goodness, how network TV dramas have grown up! Why, it seems like only yesterday they were yay high to a bug’s knee! Over the past couple decades, we’ve seen your NBCs, ABCs, CBSs, and CWs ramp up the “gross out” factor in your crime scene procedurals.  We’ve seen sitcoms walk a fine line between edgy and dirty. We’ve seen sexy, blush-worthy storylines with innuendo piled on thick and hard. But the mature, deft, and macabre atmosphere of Hannibal is something rather new.

On network TV.

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Moon Power: Sailor Moon Anime Makes A Grand Comeback

If there’s one anime I’ll always hold a torch in my heart for (and the very one to propel me into the world of anime beyond it) it would be Sailor Moon. I have plenty of good memories attached to this anime, which I can probably write a lengthy blog post charting my history with this very special magical girl series, but I won’t. It has been years since I’ve watched the anime that once dominated American television.

The dubbed version of Sailor Moon wasn’t always perfect. Episodes or whole seasons were either edited or never aired. Voice actors for certain characters left and were replaced with new ones, which wasn’t always a good thing, especially for the voice actors of Serena and Darien in the later seasons of the anime (Terri Hawkes and Toby Proctor were the BEST dubbed voice actors for Serena and Darien respectively, in my opinion).

When it was announced that the Japanese were going to reboot the Sailor Moon anime and do a faithful adaptation from the manga a few years ago, many long-time Sailor Moon fans had a reason to rejoice. As if the new anime Sailor Moon Crystal debuting this July isn’t enough to look forward to, last week Viz Media made an announcement that the original Sailor Moon series will be airing all 200 episodes uncut and in its entirety on stream and will then be released on Blu-Ray and DVD in the U.S. sometime in the fall. By the time of this posting, the first four episodes of the subtitled Sailor Moon will have already streamed on Hulu.

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When TV Shows You Enjoyed Before Don’t Have That Loving Feeling Anymore

There’s nothing quite like getting into a new TV show when it first premieres and instantly falling in love with it. A lot of TV shows, whether they’re good or bad, often get the kiss of death by the end of the first or second season if the show isn’t performing well in the ratings game. Most people have to hold their breaths or cross their fingers and hope their show won’t get cancelled.

When a show manages to jump over the cancellation hurdle and it can safely ease into this feeling of being around for many years to come, fans have many reasons to rejoice, as they can enjoy the characters and story for as long as the creators and networks will allow. Unless you encounter a show that has outlived its welcome.

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The Difficulties Of Sidestepping Spoilers When You’re Late To The Party

TV was a big deal for me at my house when I was growing up. I watched every single show that caught my fancy from Full House to Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Growing up as a kid during the ’90s, we arguably had the best shows to watch. As I got older and shows started getting less and less appealing for me to watch, I’ve gotten pickier about my viewing habits. I don’t watch a ton of TV anymore and I barely have time to watch the ones I do watch.

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The Gift of Television – What I’ve Been Watching Lately

After childhood I sort of stopped watching television shows. I watched Friends, maybe whatever was on Cartoon Network when I got home from school, and not much else. This carried on throughout my teenage years and into my young adult life. Now, at the age of 24, I find myself in quite the dilemma – I’m actually watching too many shows at once. It’s hard to go from watching nothing to being involved in about five to six television shows all at once, almost all of them having new episodes weekly. This week I’d like to let you all in to my newly found life in the world of television shows, so what have I been watching lately? Continue reading The Gift of Television – What I’ve Been Watching Lately