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‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ Trailer Kicks Some Intergalactic Ass

Guys, guys, guys! It’s here! It’s finally here! Since it was announced that the intergalactic Guardians of the Galaxy would be kicking ass and taking names in theaters, fans of the series have been waiting anxiously for a glimpse at the film. We’ve seen pictures, we’ve booed and rejoiced over the castings and heard all the plot rumors and now we’re finally getting a look at the team in action. Chris Pratt aka Star-Lord was on Jimmy Kimmel to introduce the world premiere trailer!
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New GoT teaser will make you scream “WHERE’S THE DAMN DRAGONS?!”

Game of Thrones fan? Of course you are! It one of the best shows on television! And after last season’s Red Wedding, Jon Snow finally getting some and the badassness of the Mother of Dragons, we are all biting at the bit for Season 4 to start. And HBO knows that all too well, which is why they’ve decided to torture us by releasing five super, super short teaser trailers on Vine and now 30 seconds of teaser. Check out the clip below. A longer trailer is reportedly debuting before the premiere of True Detective on Sunday, Jan. 12 at exactly 8:58 p.m. PST. Season 4 of Game of Thrones will premiere on April 6. 

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Retro World is a game about… video games


Obviously inspired by Earthbound, Retro World invites you into a parallel universe where video games come to life. Developed by Scary Pixel, the game has officially launched on Kickstarter to help fund their goal. Players can relive retro gaming experiences from their childhood as they progress through 30 years of gaming evolution. They can attend midnight game launches and even participate in competitive in-game tournaments.

When the story begins, the player has just moved to a new town where the popularity of video gaming is rocketing. “Unfortunately this newly flavored past time comes with more than the people of Frankton had bargained for. Extended periods of play have resulted in strange phenomenon from disappearing children to sightings of spooky creatures. It’s up to you and your newly found friends to get to the bottom of this bizarre mystery.”


The game segments are broken down into four phases:

  1. The Hype – In anticipation of a release the town folks will talk about the upcoming titles expressing their likes or dislikes. You’ll see prominent billboards advertising each game using various colorful marketing strategies as well as special features in magazines. After properly researching your game you’ll make your choice determining how much cash you’ll need to earn.
  2. Earning some cash – Games don’t come cheap. It’s up to you to gather enough money before the game’s release. For this you’ll do all sorts of chores for your parents, neighbors and even strangers you meet. Cutting the lawn and making deliveries are just typical things you’ll do to earn your money. There’s still always a chance a distant relative will send you a gift through the mail.
  3. Getting the game – Getting the hottest new game can sometimes be difficult. Stores having limited stock was a common occurrence back in the day and in Retro World things are no different. You’ll have to track down your games by calling specialty shops, department stores and then get there before it sells out. In some cases finding a game can be a quest in itself taking you to some of the more seedy parts of Frankton.
  4. Playing the game – Now that you’ve got your game it’s time to play it. Finishing games to 100% completion advances the story to the next Hype phase.

On Retro World’s Kickstarter page, Scary Pixel addressed the idea of creating a game about games, stating, “I’ve always enjoyed the tongue and cheekiness of discovering games within games. But what if the idea could be pushed to the point where the player begins to question what is real and what is game? So I decided to take the concept to the next level, while telling a relatable story to gamers like myself and yet interesting enough to new gamers that weren’t around in the 80’s. I’ve never seen anything of this scale before, so this presented a great opportunity to create something different.”

Retro World will be available on Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms.


The Legend of Korra – Book Two: Spirits Trailer


Fans of Avatar: The Last Airbender were in for a pretty awesome treat as the Legend of Korra panel at San Diego Comic-Con revealed some awesome news for book two. No specific release date was given, however Book Two: Spirits will premiere some time in September. After seeing the trailer, I’m even more excited to delve deeper into the Avatar universe, as well as Korra’s own personal occurrences. And while I’m jealous that Comic-Con attendees got to see the first episode of Book Two, I’m relieved and hyped by the reactions.

It should definitely be a good season.

I’m mainly excited about Spirits simply for the fact that Korra isn’t a very spiritual person. It was easy to see Aang thrive and learn inside of the spirit world just for the fact that he was raised by monks, but Korra is a bit of a wild card and it’s nice to see an Avatar that doesn’t necessarily contain that “old” wisdom. How she reacts to the presence of spirits should be interesting, and I’m hoping that this season will focus on Korra finding her own spiritual way.

I have no doubt that book two will introduce some new qualities (and characters) inside of the Avatar mythos. The thing I enjoy the most about this show is the fact that the universe has so much potential. It’s rare to see such depth inside of a kid’s show, but Avatar truly introduces something more, and I look forward to exploring it. I haven’t watched all of book one yet, but to the ones who have, what do you think of Korra’s place inside of the Avatar universe, and is there anything specific you’re looking forward to seeing in book two?