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I don’t like blueberry bagels, and other arbitrary food musings

Note: This is a non sequiter-ish follow up to my post “Giving in to holiday food indulgences.” I wrote the posts together, but I held off on publishing this one because it seemed too nonsensical to place after my neatly structured list. Now that I’m staring at a kitchen that’s slowly filling up with “holiday food,” this post matches perfectly with incoherent and food-filled madness of the weeks ahead.

When I was in grad school, one of my professors once said, “There are only three kinds of bagels in this world: plain, poppy seed, and sesame.” Well… two out of three ain’t bad. But my dislike of poppy seed bagels (too many damn seeds to get stuck in your teeth!) reaches nowhere near the height of my abhorrence for blueberry bagels. Oh, I’ve tried to quell my hatred – just the other week I purposefully added two blueberry bagels to my grocery store stash just to see if my opinion had softened. Nope. They were still yucky. I think it has to do with the fact that they don’t taste at all like blueberries. In fact, I really don’t care for any baked goods that contain blueberries – muffins, scones, cookies, cakes, pies, even pancakes. Not only is the blueberry flavor never all that pronounced in these items, but it seems that they end up extra sweet to make up for that lack of taste. Plus, when you cook blueberries, they tend to disintegrate into mush. When I want blueberries, I want that extra-fresh *pop* of flavor that only comes from them being fresh. I can handle fresh blueberries in salad or on top of cereal or oatmeal. But in a bagel? Never.

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Going Vegetarian, Successes and Challenges


While I don’t consider myself a “foodie,” I do geek out hard to food — new foods, food history, alternative cuisines, cooking shows, cookbooks, and the like. I’ve been known to spend the better part of any given weekend either in the kitchen or online watching cooking videos. This interest in cooking goes many years back when, as a trade off for getting to watch cartoons and monster movies on Saturday, we had to “put up with” art and cooking shows on Sundays. Though I really didn’t mind that at all because I loved watching cooking shows. I loved how someone, in a mere 30 minutes, could take raw food stuffs and turn them into something divine.  Honestly, part of the draw might have been that my mom wasn’t a stellar cook (don’t worry, she’d be the first to tell you that), and that our regular meals weren’t quite as special as those I saw on the cooking shows. Even so, I readily absorbed how to make any number of meals from my mother, from the perfect hamburgers and potato salad to her much beloved sausage and peppers.

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